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S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 54

T/L Note: There is a chapter tonight, and there will be a chapter tomorrow night, and one more on Sunday night (and that will get me all caught up from the weeks I missed)! Been a crazy few weeks for everyone, I'm sure. I was out of electricity range, then my job was pulling us all out of the field due to COVID-19. Now I'm in quarantine (don't worry, I don't seem to be sick).  But hey, I have nothing else to do, so after these three chapters, you'll get a few more in the next two weeks. After that, I will be updating on Saturday nights until my job resumes.

Here's my promised fanart! It was quite difficult because my mind imagines them as the actors from the drama, but I was doing my best to create my own interpretation.

Magic Murderer 9: Guess

"What's your name? Hurry up and tell me!" After Chen Jiayi kissed Ma Han fiercely, she grabbed his collar and wouldn’t let go so that he would have to tell her his name.

Looking at Ma Han again, it seemed as though he probably hadn't been so embarrassed in his entire life. He looked at the little girl’s face full of excitement with horror~~ What was the matter with modern women??

"What's with your expression?!" Chen Jiayi gripped Ma Han's collar a bit violently and shook it twice. "It's as if I took advantage of you?!"

The two were at a deadlock. Then, they heard the man who had just fallen to the ground behind them shout, "Hey!"

Ma Han and Chen Jiayi turned around and saw that Shen Ling had gotten up from the ground. She was wearing the man's jacket, and her face was still full of shock. The man’s air was completely different from his stupid and cowardly one moments before—he had a look of anger.

"You!" The man pointed at Ma Han and asked, "Why did you just let them go?!"

Ma Han was distracted for a moment and thought it was a bit ridiculous, but he was a man who did not like talking very much, and he would not quarrel with others. Ignoring the man, he decided to go back inside. He knew that he should not have come out earlier.

"Stop!" Noticing that Ma Han was not speaking, the man was reluctant to let him go and took a several steps towards him. "You aren’t with those guys from earlier, are you?"

Ma Han didn't like talking, but that didn’t mean he had a good temper! Having said that, in the whole of S.C.I., none of them were good-tempered, and they were all basically aggressive carnivores except for Zhan Zhao~~ But then again, the S.C.I. was a team composed of the elites from the entire police station. There were no senseless people in it. Ma Han understood that there was still a task ahead of him. A dispute with people here may cause trouble, not to mention that Shen Ling was next to him.

However, even though Ma Han could tolerate it, Chen Jiayi beside him couldn't. She sneered and said, "You are so good. You just sat on the ground and were trembling with fear. Now you’re fine. Are you just here to bite the hand that feeds you?! Useless. Scoundrel~"

"What did you say?!" The man took a few more steps.

Chen Jiayi quickly hid behind Ma Han, then leaned out and continued, "You look like you have nothing to show. What's the matter? Are your legs still weak? Were you scared just now? Coward."

"You~~" The man's face turned shades of red and green.

Chen Jiayi patted Ma Han and said, "Stuffy gourd (1)! Don't hesitate! Hit him!"

Glancing at the Chen Jiayi who wished for the whole world to be in chaos, Ma Han suddenly felt that she was a bit like Ma Xin. She seemed to be about the same age. But he shook his head for lack of a better option, "Let's go."

Chen Jiayi saw that Ma Han had a smile on his face, and was quite content to want to follow him back...

"Don't go! Leave your name! We need to investigate!" The man took a few more steps aggressively.

Ma Han halted, then walked back towards him with no expression on his face~~ His steps were not fast nor slow, and undeviating.

Seeing that Ma Han was approaching, and had not yet stopped, the man stepped back subconsciously and said, "You... what do you want..."

Ma Han stood still and stared at him for a while, then smiled slightly, "Look around here, is there a camera?"

............ The man was startled.

"Heh~~" Ma Han laughed and looked at Shen Ling, "They came here to kidnap you. They should have known that there was no camera in advance and should have run away when they were scared. This kidnapper is extremely stupid~~ and the one in the car… Well, he was passed out for an extremely long time..." After having said that, he patted the man's shoulder, "I don't know who is running this drama..."

The other three people present were choking in surprise, and the expression on the man's face was changing in a rather wonderful way. Then Shen Ling next to him seemed to suddenly wake up and turned to look at the man in surprise.

After Ma Han had spoken, he turned around and left without turning back. He heard a loud slap behind him, and Shen Ling pointed at the man in accusation, "Kong Cheng, did you deliberately put on an act to deceive me? Go die!"

"Shen Ling, Shen Ling, listen to me and let me explain..."


Chen Jiayi watched with interest, then overtook Ma Han, "I see. The man deliberately found someone to act and wanted to be kidnapped with the woman. However, you ruined it before the show was finished... How did you find out? It was amazing! "

Ma Han walked to the door of the casino. "Can you pretend you don't know me?"

Chen Jiayi was dumfounded, but nodded, "Okay."

"Thanks." Ma Han opened the door and walked in quickly.

Chen Jiayi thought for a while... still hadn't asked for a name~~~

Meanwhile, Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao returned to the S.C.I. office.

"Jiang Ping, check if this Wei Yong is the same as policeman Wei Yong." Bai Yutang said.

"OK." Jiang Ping quickly retrieved the former personnel file from the computer.

"Kitty, what are you looking at?" Bai Yutang frowned when he saw Zhan Zhao staring at a document and stepped forward curiously.

"Kong Liping gave us a few names that day. These are their files... they’re a little weird." Zhan Zhao said.

"How is it strange?"

"Look!" Zhan Zhao flipped through the files and said, "These people—Kong Liping is 31 years old, and was 21 all those years ago. Zhang Zhenzhen, An Qingyao, and Li Xu are 28 years old, so they were 18. The youngest Shen Ling is 27 years old this year, which means that he was 17 years old, but Xu Jiali was only 13 years old when she died! "

Bai Yutang looked at the information carefully, and he was also puzzled, "Right, what would people around 20 usually have to do with a 13-year-old child? And... the age difference is so big. Why would they learn to dance together?"

"It's a pity that this school was closed after that case happened." Zhan Zhao looked through the information and looked depressed. "Otherwise, I could still find someone to ask."

"Heh~~" Jiang Ping suddenly laughed.

Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao turned to look at her.

"Why are you laughing?" Bai Yutang was puzzled.

"Oh~~ Boss, do you know why Wei Yong was fired?" Jiang Ping looked at the information.

"Why was he?" The two stepped forward.

"Look!" Jiang Ping drew up Wei Yong's information and said, "He intentionally destroyed the scene."

"Destroyed the scene?" Zhan Zhao frowned. "What's going on?"

She brought up Wei Yong’s firing document, "Failure to abide by the basic rules of police officers. Intentionally damaged the scene of the murder."

"Can you find out which case?" Bai Yutang asked.

"... Ah, this was Xu Jiali's case. Look, it's written here!" Jiang Ping pointed out the information. "He changed the magic array."

"What did he look like?" Zhan Zhao asked eagerly. "Are there any photos?"

"Without photos, we’ll have to look through the evidence first." Jiang Ping searched but failed.

"Kitty," Bai Yutang recalled, "I asked Uncle Wen downstairs that day. When I spoke about Wei Yong, his face discolored as if he was hiding something.”

“And, Li Xu was also there that day. When she was drunk, she said a good man was going to die as payment for a life and such."

"Investigate Wei Yong first, and then find Li Xu!" Zhan Zhao closed the documents.

"Same as what I was thinking!" The two were about to go out, and the phone on Jiang Ping's desk rang. Then she shouted in shock, "Boss, Kong Liping is dead!"

"What?!" Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao were a little dazed.

"Didn't you have the crime team watch her? How could she die?!" Bai Yutang was angry.

"She committed suicide," Jiang Ping said.


Fifteen minutes later, Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao rushed to the door of Kong Liping's house and saw Ai Hu and several police officers from the serious crime team lingering outside the scene. They went in.

"Gongsun?" Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao looked at him in surprise, "how did you get here?"

Gongsun frowned and sneered. "What? When did Captain Bai fire me?"

"... No, didn't you ask for leave?" Bai Yutang hurriedly laughed and gave Zhan Zhao a look—he had a tendency to vent his anger~~

Turning his head away, Gongsun's face was upset. "I received a text message saying there was a homicide here, so I came. The people in the forensics department didn't know I asked for leave~~ Working another night~~ beasts!”

"Why haven’t you gone in?" Bai Yutang looked at everyone.

Gongsun shook his head, "No one dares to go in." After that, he gently opened the door of the empty room.

Bai Yutang first felt a sense of novelty after hearing it. What had made them afraid to go in? Ghosts? So many police.

When the door was pushed open, the two looked inside...

They saw Kong Liping's body hanging from the ceiling fan in the room with a long knife wound across her neck. Blood was spilled all over the place. Looking around, the ceiling, walls, and the ground... were painted with magic arrays... The scene was extremely strange.

Bai Yutang understood that everyone else wasn’t afraid to go in, but they were afraid of damaging the scene.

Gongsun said, "I told them not to go in first. In this scene, it's better to let Xiao Zhan take a look first."

Zhan Zhao stood at the door and remained silent for a while. Then, he asked Gongsun, "Do you think she committed suicide?"

Gongsun nodded. "What do you think?"

"Suicide," Zhan Zhao replied briefly, "but it should be involuntary."

Ai Hu moved up and blushed. "Captain, my people didn't keep an eye on her. They didn't exert themselves enough, and they made such a big mistake."

Bai Yutang patted her shoulder and asked, "Who had been watching her?"

"It was us." Two seemingly capable policemen came up. "We haven't moved an inch. We only watched her. She never went out, and nobody entered her house. Later, she didn't go to work. I didn’t think it was right. No one answered when we knocked on the door. I saw it like this after I opened it.”

Bai Yutang nodded and asked Zhan Zhao, "Kitty, did you just say she committed suicide involuntarily?"

Zhan Zhao nodded. "What do you think is wrong in this room?"

Bai Yutang was silent for a while, "No footprints."

"Yes!" Zhan Zhao nodded and said, "These pictures look messy, but they are very regular when you look closely. They are spiraling inwards."

"The end point is the pool of blood under the deceased... if someone had drawn a picture and disguised it as hanging, there would no reason for them to have not left footprints." Bai Yutang continued, "The police also said no one had come out."

"Look at her hand!" Gongsun pointed at Kong Liping's hand.

Everyone looked up at her hands and arms. They were full of wounds, already red with blood—self-harm?

"She should have cut her arm and painted them with the blood. Those above her head seem like they were painted a long time ago. They have dried up. The brightness is not the same." Gongsun sighed, "This is not what normal people would do. "

"Sensory hypnosis," Zhan Zhao said suddenly.

"What?" Everyone looked at him puzzled.

Gongsun asked, "Similar to hypnoanesthesia (2)?"

"Yes!" Zhan Zhao nodded. "It’s true that such tricks have been used in the medical field."

"Hypnoanesthesia?" Bai Yutang was puzzled.

"Some people are immune to narcotic drugs, which means that it can take a very large amount to produce an anesthetic effect, or some can't be completely anesthetized at all. You know, using too much anesthetic has been known to be harmful to the body, so there was a case where a hypnotist hypnotized a person's senses. They temporarily deprived the patient's ability to feel pain and woke the person after the operation." Zhan Zhao explained patiently.

"..." After the audience listened quietly, Bai Yutang asked one question, "Isn't that a supernatural power?" The other police officers nodded.

Gongsun and Zhan Zhao stared at the crowd sternly, as if they were saying “you herd of ignorant people”~~~

"Wait a minute~~" Bai Yutang waved his hand and said, "You mean, Kong Liping first filled the room with magic arrays of her own blood, then hung herself, and didn’t forget to cut her own neck in the process?” He glanced at Zhan Zhao, "Who could make someone be so cruel to themselves?"

Zhan Zhao turned to stare at him, and said slowly, "She~ her~ self~"

... ? ...

After their colleagues from the Forensics Department took photos, Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang walked through the door and looked around. Looking at it from the middle of the room, the scene felt even more shocking!

Gongsun asked someone to remove Kong Liping's body and performed a simple examination. "She died just this morning, no more than three hours ago... The weapon was the blade of a paper cutter, which fell into the pool of blood on the ground. I didn’t notice it earlier." Gongsun stood up and said briefly, "There are too many injuries on her body. There are old and new ones... To know the specific circumstances, I will have take her back and report to you after the autopsy. "

"Gongsun." Zhan Zhao suddenly called to Gongsun, who turned around to leave, "when you are performing the autopsy, could you help me count the number of wounds on the deceased that occurred at different times?"

Gongsun froze slightly, then nodded, "OK."

"Kitty, what the hell are you thinking?" Bai Yutang stretched his arm around Zhan Zhao's shoulder, "Tell me!"

Zhan Zhao slapped his hand, "Take your paw off!"

Bai Yutang pulled his hand back and saw the ring on Zhan Zhao's left hand that was identical to his own. His heart rose in delight.

"Eh~~~~" Zhan Zhao also noticed the ring, and suddenly uttered a soft exclamation. Bai Yutang was briefly distracted. Then, both of them thought about a very serious question—where was Kong Liping's child?

They quickly searched each room—not there!

"Shhhhhh!" Bai Yutang suddenly said to everyone, "Don't say anything!"

The other police officers went quiet... the scene became silent... faintly~~ there seemed to be a sound... like a kitten was crying.

Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao followed the sound and went over to the balcony.

Kong Liping's house was an old-fashioned residential house with a balcony of about three square meters... a washing machine was placed on the balcony... the lid of the washing machine was propped up by a towel and was not closed—the sound was coming from the inside.

Stepping forward to open the lid of the washing machine, Bai Yutang reached in. He lifted a little baby out of it... he was almost one year old...

The child seemed to be just waking up and looked up at Bai Yutang, who was holding him, with curiousity. He stretched out his hands and seemed to be a little uncomfortable, struggling, kicking both feet, and scrunching his face.

Bai Yutang hugged him with both hands and didn't dare to move. He asked Zhan Zhao, "Kitty, what should I do?"

Zhan Zhao shook his head, "Xiao Bai, how could you hold a child like that. It looks like you are throwing a ball!"

"Dammed cat! Don't kid me... he's so soft. Will he be crushed to death~~?" Bai Yutang's palms started to sweat. This was the first time in his life that he has held such a small child.

"He seems very uncomfortable!" Zhan Zhao also panicked. "You used a little force!"

"I didn't use any!"

"Stupid mouse! You can’t even hold a child?"

"Then you do it!"

"I do not know how."

"Why on earth would I?!"

"You do housework! And you are a mammal!"


As they were quarreling, the baby suddenly pouted and looked up, then started to cry "Wah!"

...! ...

"He's crying!" Zhan Zhao glared at Bai Yutang. "Quickly think of something!”

"Dammed cat!" Bai Yutang looked back at the crowd, "Are there any women?"

Ai Hu and other police officers looked at each other and shook their heads.

The child started crying louder.

"Xiao Bai! Did you hurt him?" Zhan Zhao retreated a step and pointed at the child.

"I haven’t, right?" Bai Yutang's head began to sweat. "I didn't use any strength~~ Who has any ideas!"

"Captain! I found a cradle!" Ai Hu pulled an elaborate cradle from the room.

"Come here!" With relief, Bai Yutang quickly put the child into the cradle.

The child lay in the cradle and rocked for a little bit. He stopped crying and began babbling, wondering what was being said.

Bai Yutang wiped his sweat and breathed a sigh of relief.

For the first time, Zhan Zhao saw Bai Yutang's at a loss of what to do and found it helarious.

"Why did Kong Liping put the child in the washing machine?" Bai Yutang was confused. He reached out to tease the child carefully, and the child reached out and grabbed his finger.

"Maybe..." Zhan Zhao looked at the patterns around the room, "She was afraid she might hurt this child."

"Kitty, you just asked Gongsun to count the number of wounds on the deceased from different times. What did you mean by that?"

"You count, how many patterns are there on the ceiling?" Zhan Zhao pointed over his head.

"..." Bai Yutang counted, "Thirteen."

"What about on the floors and walls?"

Bai Yutang counted again, and was surprised by what he found, "Both thirteen?!"

Zhan Zhao nodded, "Do you remember when Kong Liping went to the scene of Zhang Zhenzhen and Sun Qian and burned some paper talismans?"

Bai Yutang nodded. "You mean, this is some kind of... religious ceremony, ritual or something?"

"By Kong Liping's appearance, she could have been in a trance," said Zhan Zhao, "She could have been hypnotized."

"Hypnotized?" Bai Yutang didn’t understand.

"Consider it." Zhan Zhao touched his chin. "Kong Liping was obviously hiding something about that year, and she was very miserable... That magic array ought to be a shadow she has been unable to escape from under~~ And she seems to be living a rough life. So, what would a woman of this type be likely to do to ask for help... "

"Fortune telling!" Bai Yutang responded suddenly, and then said, "You mean the fortune teller hypnotized her?"

Zhan Zhao said, "Hypnotism is unconscious. If you were Kong Liping, and when you woke up you found that the ceiling of your home was filled with these familiar magic arrays, what would you think?"

Bai Yutang laughed. "If I had done something bad, I would be scared to death."

"Then you heard that Zhang Zhen had really died soon after." Zhan Zhao guided step by step.

"I would think it was my turn next," Bai Yutang answered. "Then Sun Qian died as well. She thought it would be her son's turn next time, so she hid the child."

Zhan Zhao tugged his sleeve, "Xiao Bai, you are so smart!"

Bai Yutang also pulled on his sleeve, "Kitty, can you not call me 'Xiao Bai' when you praise me for being smart?"

"But this is just a guess..." Zhan Zhao said, "Somewhat bold."

Bai Yutang instructed Ai Hu and others to help search Kong Liping's home thoroughly, and he went to her company to investigate. In particular, he asked her colleagues and friends if they had heard anything about fortune telling.

"That's right," Bai Yutang said suddenly, "Since I'm guessing anyway, I have an even bolder idea."

Zhan Zhao looked at him and laughed. "Do you think that Wei Yong's behavior may also be related to that fortune teller?"

Bai Yutang laughed and glanced left and right. No one was around, and he leaned in to Zhan Zhao's ear and said, "Kitty, our hearts and minds are really connected~~ Do you know what I want most? Remember to give it to me for Christmas~~"

Zhan Zhao's face turned red, and he raised his foot and firmly stepped on Bai Yutang. He gritted his teeth, "Dammed mouse!"

"Hai hai~~" Bai Yutang pretended to cough, and said, "After we go back, we can also look into Wei Yong from this angle."

Zhan Zhao rolled his eyes and said, "I don’t think we’ll go back today. We’ll go to another place."

Bai Yutang moved close to his ear and said, "It's my turn to guess now. Did you want to go to Shen Qian’s Entertainment City opening event? After all, he was the last person to see Kong Liping last night!"

"Heng!" Zhan Zhao raised his eyebrows. "Roundworm (3)!"

As soon as Bai Yutang heard that, he was happy and laughed with a smile. Keeping his voice down, he said, "In your stomach? When did it squeeze in?"

"Shut up!" Zhan Zhao blushed and lifted his foot to kick. "Dammed Mouse, disgusting!"

"Let's go." Bai Yutang took out the car key and pulled Zhan Zhao away, but he heard Ai Hu shout, "Boss! You take the child away!"

"Ha?!" Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang opened their mouths wide.

Ai Hu smugly brought the cradle over and shoved it into Bai Yutang's hands, saying, "After the scene is closed, no one will take him. Take him back. He is also a witness. According to the procedure, he’s yours."

Bai Yutang bitterly took the child and went downstairs with Zhan Zhao.

"Ai Hu, that despicable fellow, has grown up!" Bai Yutang ground his teeth, "He still knows to follow procedure!"

Putting the cradle on his lap, Zhan Zhao smiled, "If you hadn’t brought him along, which of young master Bai’s men would be willing to suffer?"

"Why isn’t he crying?" Bai Yutang started the car and glanced curiously at the child.

Zhan Zhao reached out and poked the child's belly slightly, which made him "gege" and laugh.

"It's fun! He's soft." Zhan Zhao poked him a few more times, but the final poke must have hurt because the child pouted and began to cry “wah” again.

"Yutang! He’s crying! What should I do if he’s crying?" Zhan Zhao, who had been just having fun, immediately panicked.

"I didn’t make him cry!" Bai Yutang rejoiced.

"Why is it wet..." Zhan Zhao felt underneath the cradle... "Yah! He’s peeing!" As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled the cradle off his lap.

"Kitty! It’s dripping in the car!" Bai Yutang was alarmed!

"It's all over my pants, do you have time to care about the car?!" Zhan Zhao bitterly groaned, making a face.

"Your pants are wet? Take them off!"

"Okay!.................... go to Hell!" He raised his hand and pushed the cradle over.

"Hey~~ Kitty! I'm driving... get it away, it's getting on my clothes......"

"To endure misfortunes together (4)!"


On the way back to the S.C.I., the car continued to snake around in an S-shape~~~

Translation Notes:

(1) Stuffy Gourd -> Silent, mysterious person.

(2) Use of hypnosis to replicate anesthesia (dull pain/awareness)

(3) The parasitic type of roundworm, but it doesn’t specify a species. A human intestinal parasite.

(4) The full idiom is “to enjoy blessings and endure misfortunes together,” or stick together through thick and thin. Zhan Zhao only says the second half.

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S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 53

Magic Murderer 8: Kidnapping

Qi Le's "help" text message really frightened half of their lives out of Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao—if Li Xu knew about the events of that year, she would likely be a target for being killed like Zhang Zhenzhen... Qi Le still lived with her and was likely to be implicated.

Bai Yutang floored the accelerator to 200kph and all but flew to Qi Le's residence.

At the entrance of the apartment, they quickly got out of the car and entered the building. Nothing seemed different. Fortunately, Bai Yutang had taken them back that day. It seemed that he had heard Chen Yu say that they lived on the top floor or something, so they rushed up the stairs.

It was an old-fashioned apartment. The building was very old and only had five floors. Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao took out their guns as they ran.

As soon as they reached the fifth floor, they frowned—it smelled of blood...

The door to Room 503 was open, and there was a faint moan.

The two rushed in quickly and saw Chen Yu lying in a pool of blood. She was curled up, a knife in her lower abdomen. She was still bleeding.

"Chen Yu..." Zhan Zhao took in a breath and quickly stepped forward to turn her over, reaching out to hold the leaking, bloody wound.

Bai Yutang pulled out his cell phone and called the S.C.I. personnel and an ambulance.

"LeLe..." Chen Yu suddenly grabbed Zhan Zhao's hand and said in a weak voice, "That man, kill... Sister Li... LeLe took her... escaped... He chased after..."

Zhan Zhao quickly looked up at Bai Yutang, "Yutang!"

Bai Yutang turned and rushed out the door.

"Quickly... save..." Chen Yu's consciousness seemed to be gradually blurring.

Zhan Zhao saw that her face was getting whiter and paler, and she seemed to be going to sleep, "Chen Yu, hold on! Don't sleep!"

"Nn……" Chen Yu nodded, trying to keep her eyelids open as they grew heavier and heavier.

Soon, the sound of chaotic footsteps rang outside of the door. Zhao Hu, etc. rushed over with medical staff. They took Chen Yu to a stretcher, rushed downstairs, and Wang Chao followed them to the hospital.

"Qi Le and Li Xu haven't been found yet!" Zhan Zhao said, "Everyone split up to find out where they could hide. They may be hiding."

"Yes~~" Everyone dispersed.

Zhan Zhao stood in front of the building and looked around, trying to simulate Qi Le's mentality at the time... Qi Le was very clever, so she would run to a crowded place.

On the left was a pedestrian street, similar to a snack street. There were not many people there during the day, but it was livelier than the other two avenues—Zhan Zhao quickly walked towards the pedestrian street.

Chen Yu said she had run with Li Xu... then getting Li Xu to move would not be very easy—there were two corners nearby... Qi Le was left-handed, and if she was with someone else, it should be more convenient to turn right— Zhan Zhao walked into the alley on the right.

It was a small, dirty alley with garbage, discarded cardboard boxes, trash cans, and broken plastic sheets on both sides...

She had texted, but did not dare to call, indicating that she was hiding somewhere that was easy to find—Zhan Zhao's eyes fell on a cardboard box covered by a plastic sheet. Looking at it closely, it seemed to shake slightly...

"Qi Le? ... Qi Le, I'm Zhan Zhao!" He slowly walked to the plastic sheet.

"Qi Le..."

A corner of the plastic sheet opened and Qi Le leaned her head out, looking up with trepidation. When she saw Zhan Zhao, she opened her mouth and called with a trembling voice, "Police Officer Zhan..."

Zhan Zhao helped her lift the plastic sheet. Li Xu was lying beside Qi Le, seemingly unconscious. Zhan Zhao stepped forward and felt her pulse, and breathed a sigh of relief.

He reached out and pulled her out of the dirty dump, "It's okay... don't be afraid..."

"En..." Qi Le nodded. Just as she was about to speak, she suddenly looked up at the alley in panic, "Ah!"

Zhan Zhao turned his head sharply, and saw a man rushing from the alley. He was wearing a black hoodie and had a bloody knife in his hand.

He reached for his gun. The man had rushed forward to a place less than ten steps away, and Zhan Zhao subconsciously protected Qi Le behind him.

At that moment, a white shadow pounced down from atop the low building next to them—Bai Yutang.

He threw the man to the ground, and the knife in his hand clattered to the pavement. Before he could get up, Bai Yutang reached out and grabbed his collar, throwing him against the wall, "Ah..."

The violent impact made him scream. Bai Yutang kept him in place by holding the back of his collar, and pulled off his hood. He turned around and asked Qi Le, "Is it him?"

"It's him!" Qi Le nodded, pointing at the man, "That’s him!"

Bai Yutang pulled out his handcuffs, put the man's hands behind his back, and handcuffed him.

"Boss!" From the distance, Zhao Hu and others rushed over.

Bai Yutang handed the man over to them, "Bring him back!"

Xu Qing and Zhang Long came over, propped up the unconscious Li Xu, and walked to a police car.

"How is Xiao Yu?" Qi Le asked Zhan Zhao nervously.

"She was seriously injured and has been taken to the hospital." Zhan Zhao said.

With tears in her eyes, Qi Le looked angrily at the man in Zhao Hu's custody. She walked up, raised her foot under the crotch of the man, and kicked him fiercely.

"Ah~~~~~" the man screamed in pain and knelt down on the ground, curled up.

The people present couldn't help but grimacing (1)... Now, that boy was probably going to be incapable of performing his duties as a man for the second half of his life... This girl was too cruel.

Qi Le, who seemed to be deflated, looked back at Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang, "Thank you. I want to go to Xiao Yu."

The two looked at Qi Le, and they couldn't help feeling sad. The last time when they had told her that Qi Lei was dead, she had acted like that. She wanted to cry, but instead she endured desperately.

"Zhao Hu, go with Qi Le and watch her. Kitty and I will take this kid back to interrogation!" Bai Yutang took charge of the man from Zhao Hu.

"OK." Zhao Hu nodded and rushed to the hospital with Qi Le.

Bai Yutang shoved the man, "What's your name?" He walked in the direction of the police car.

"... Wei Yong ..." The man answered, exceptionally calmly.

...?!! ……what?

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang stared at him in surprise, "Why did you try to kill Li Xu?!"

Wei Yong's eyes were soulless, and he said lightly, "Because she deserves to die!"


The Entertainment City of the Shen Group was called Happy World. The entire building looked like a luxury cruise ship. The nature of its operation, best known as Entertainment City, was large venues and hotel accommodations. However, the most important part was that there was a casino in the middle.

Zhao Yan took Bai Chi and Ma Han to the “ship". The scale of the casino was no less than that of a regular casino in Las Vegas... Ma Han frowned, wondering to himself why Shen Qian was not under the watch of the Commercial Crime Division. Couldn't he be making a bunch of dirty money?

Bai Chi rarely saw this kind of scene, and was slightly nervous. Zhao Yan was calm.

"ChiChi~~" He heard two voices of the same sound and tone. The Ding family twins had appeared beside Bai Chi, wrapping their arms around his shoulders from both directions.

"Ah~~ Elder Brother Ding, Second Brother Ding." Bai Chi obediently greeted them.

"Good boy~~~" Da Ding and Xiao Ding clasped him tightly and slowly moved forward, "You came to play too. Minors are not allowed here~~”

"I'm an adult!" He said, looking left and right before whispering to the twins, "Don't mess with me... I have a mission."

"Oh~~" The twins immediately came to their senses. "Is it that stinky bedbug named Shen?? He's a criminal?"

"Shhh~~" Bai Chi glared at them, "Why are you here?? Where’s big brother?"

"When the Boss heard the bug's name, he lost his appetite. When he received the invitation, he didn't even look at it, so he sent us~~" Da Ding waved his finger.

"Besides, he has more important tasks!" Xiao Ding said somewhat mysteriously, "It is necessary to take care of Sister-in-law~~"

"Sister-in-law?" Bai Chi was surprised, "Is Brother married? I haven't heard that..."

"Hehe~~" The twins smiled mysteriously.

"Let’s not talk about that!" The two successfully steered Bai Chi to the gambling table. "ChiChi, would you like to play?"

"I won't..." As soon as Bai Chi wanted to refuse, he heard Zhaohui whisper in his ear, "If you want to check on Shen Qian, it is best to get his attention first... today is the opening. If you win, he will lose a lot of money. This scum, the less money he has, the less evil he is!"

"Really?" Bai Chi nodded. "Then I understand~~"

While heading to the big turntable, Bai Chi started to move his all-powerful little brain......... Fast computation.

Zhao Yan was stunned and watched Bai Chi accurately bet on the seventh turntable in an hour…… The little guy won a million dollars in one hour~~~ Of course, the first bet of 10,000 was put down by the Ding family twins. That is to say, Bai Chi was making money for the twins—but Zhao Yan was still shocked. From an early age until just now, he had felt that Bai Chi was a person with a bad head. But now, Zhao Ye was sure... That brain was not something humans should have~~ Another question popped up—why did he go become a police officer? He would be more suitable to making an atomic bomb~~

Not too accustomed to the noise, Ma Han walked out of the casino. The fresh air outside made him feel a lot better... He didn't understand why so many people would prefer to abandon this fresh outdoors and choose to stay in that kind of turbulent and noisy space.

The high-end casino seemed to be full of people, and Ma Han walked into the parking lot to feel the quiet.

He sat on the high platform on the edge of the parking lot and took out a cigarette lighter.

The parking lot was three-dimensional and spiraled. Ma Han was on the top floor. Sitting there and looking out, the view was very good.

Chen Jiayi stepped out of the car and raised her eyes. She saw Ma Han smoking a cigarette on the high platform in the distance.

From a purely feminine point of view, the man was attractive. Chen Jiayi walked slowly towards him and observed him carefully as she did so. Black leather jacket, black jeans, extremely short hair. Likely because his body was lean, he was not very robust. However, his contours were deep, but also not very obtrusive... He was sitting there quietly, holding a cigarette in his mouth.

Chen Jiayi regretted that she did not bring her camera out with her. The man in front of her had a very special temperament. If you stood in a crowd of people, you would hardly notice him, but when he was alone, he was easy to remember...

For further assessment she went up to Ma Han, "Do you have a light?" Chen Jiayi asked, taking out the cigarette.

Ma Han had actually found out that someone was watching him, but he was really not willing to bother. He turned his head and saw Chen Jiayi holding the cigarette. Ma Han was slightly surprised... He knew this person. He had seen her information before. Fang Jing was her agent. Chen Jiayi was a signing actor with Bai Jintang’s Company and was now apparently quite famous.

He took out his lighter and passed it to her, then continued to look back at the scenery.

Chen Jiayi lit the cigarette and laughed, "I don’t have good scenery, do I (2)?"

"...?" Ma Han frowned and looked at her a little puzzledly. He didn't understand what she meant.

Chen Jiayi was very satisfied with his response. His frown was very sexy.

"My name is Chen Jiayi." She gave her name without prompting, "What about you?"

Ma Han had a headache. He just wanted to find a place to stay quietly for a while and then watch Shen Qian at the opening ceremony in the evening.

"Are you an idiot?" Chen Jiayi asked with a smile. "A beauty proactively greets you, yet you still ignore her. Isn't it cool?"

Ma Han came down from the high platform and reached out to take back the lighter in Chen Jiayi's hand. He looked around and asked, "Where is there a beautiful woman?"

...! ...

Chen Jiayi had been so ignored for so long, and he still dared to say that she was not a beauty?!!

"Hey! Stop!" Just as she was about to chase him some more, they heard the sound of hasty car breaks and then a woman’s scream.

The two turned and saw a white van parked in the middle of the road. Two men wearing black hoods were dragging a screaming woman into the car.

"What are you doing? Let her go!" A man in a suit and leather shoes fell to the ground with blood on his face, apparently the victim of a few punches.

Before Chen Jiayi even screamed, Ma Han rushed over.

Instead of saving the woman directly, he rushed to the van. He raised his elbow and slammed it into the driver brutally. Then, he reached over and pulled out the car keys.

He casually threw the keys downstairs, and smiled at the two hooded men, "Are you going to carry her?"

The sudden change made the two men feel a little dizzy and confused, and they stood blankly in place. Ma Han started to walk back with his hands in his pockets, and said lightly, "Let her go. The security guard will be here in at most a minute, but there’s still time to run right now."

The men put the woman down from in their hands and turned and ran.

The man sitting on the ground hurried forward and lifted the woman up. She was was obviously extremely frightened. "Shen Ling, are you all right?"

Ma Han stopped walking back—Shen Ling?

While he was thinking intently about the name, Chen Jiayi, who had been given a cold-shoulder, came up. She raised her hand and grabbed Ma Han's collar before pecking him on the cheek, "Oh my god... you are so handsome!"

Translation Notes:

(1) “Baring their teeth” Like you do when you wince/grimace.

(2) I don’t have good scenery -> Am I not beautiful? From what I understand, Ma Han doesn’t get that she’s referring to her looks, not the view. 

S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 52

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Magic Murderer 7: Dense Fog (1)

By the time Bai Yutang had started his car and was about to take Zhan Zhao back to his apartment, it was almost three in the morning.

"Hehe~~" Zhan Zhao suddenly laughed, seemingly thinking of something interesting. This caused Bai Yutang beside him to laugh as well, "What's up, Kitty? Why are you so happy?"

Zhan Zhao turned to look at him, "I was thinking about what happened to Bai Chi and Zhao Yan when they were young."

"Oh~~~" Bai Yutang couldn't help laughing, "It's quite interesting. I can’t believe there is such a bad relationship."

"That Zhao Yan is worse than you when you were a kid!" Zhan Zhao smiled.

"Dammed Cat, when was I bad when I was a kid?!" Bai Yutang protested.

"You weren't you bad? Do you remember..." Zhan Zhao recalled with a smile, "That one time, you threw the two brothers from next door into the mound of dirt for the flower beds, poured water on them, and said that they should grow up quickly."

"Haha~~~" Bai Yutang also laughed, "Remember, remember, when you were eight years old... Those two brothers pulled out all the flowers you had planted. I taught them."

"The teacher who taught history in middle school..." Zhan Zhao said, "You glued him to the toilet seat!"

"Pff~~~~" Bai Yutang laughed even harder. "He was picked up with the toilet and sent to the hospital..."

Zhan Zhao smiled and covered his stomach, "He had a toilet on his ass... he couldn’t even put his pants on. He just walked out of the bathroom and everyone saw it..."

Bai Yutang nodded, "Who told him to wrongly accuse you of cheating and force you to stand as punishment... Getting a toilet glued to him was a cheap price for him to pay."

"Were you the one who released the mysterious homemade tear gas grenade in his office later?" Zhan Zhao asked. "It seems to still be an unsolved mystery of the school to this day."

"Hehe... I also locked his door. He jumped out of the window, and there was a smelly gutter below..." Bai Yutang was proud of himself. "After that, he never dared to look at you again, like you were the god of pestilence... Haha​​... "

"You still say you weren’t bad?" Zhan Zhao stared at him. "When you graduated, those teachers wanted to celebrate with firecrackers. They all said that the school was finally peaceful~~~"

"Who told them to provoke you?" Bai Yutang laughed and blurted out, "You are mine, and no one but me can touch you!"


After saying that, he felt a little embarassed... Bai Yutang shook his head and smiled, "Now think about it: I was like a fly swatter when I was a kid. Whoever approached you, I would slap them hard!"

Zhan Zhao looked at the apartment building that was getting closer and closer and suddenly turned around. He said a little seriously, "Xiao Bai, let's not go back yet."

...? ...

Bai Yutang looked at him puzzledly, "Don't go back? It's nearly dawn; you’re not going to sleep?"

"Do you remember the beach we used to go to as kids?" Zhan Zhao said enthusiastically, "Shall we go there?"

"Now?" Bai Yutang asked, "It's far away!"

"I want to go..." Zhan Zhao said, "We often went when we were in school."

"Yeah, whenever you had something on your mind, you would go sit on the embankment. Go there and we would be able to find you." Bai Yutang said, "Do you really want to go?"

"Nn!" Zhan Zhao nodded.

Bai Yutang turned around and drove towards the beach in S city.

The beach there was not the sandy kind of beach, but the rocky kind. On one side was a huge dam that was surrounded with circular cement columns which were used to support it. People could walk up them. It was a nice place to admire the sea and watch the water slap against the reefs of the shoal.

Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao parked on the side of the highway and stepped down from the dam. They climbed the stone pillars and headed for the shore.

Where the sky met the sea, there was already a tinge of bright color. The sea breeze, with its salty, wet taste, poured into their lungs with the cold air. It felt refreshing and quiet...

Bai Yutang gently embraced Zhan Zhao from behind and drew close to his ear. "Kitty, do you have something on your mind?"

"... You noticed it again ..." Zhan Zhao leaned back slightly, feeling the warmth of Bai Yutang's chest.

"Did I not say that you are an expert in researching people... but I am an expert in researching you?" He said, kissing Zhan Zhao's neck and hair, "Kitty, tell me. What are you upset about?"

"I... I can feel... a kind of evil..." Zhan Zhao leaned into Bai Yutang. "This time, the case is different from the previous ones... this murderer... gives me a very strange feeling—evil, vicious, unstable... "

Bai Yutang tightened his arms and pulled Zhan Zhao closer, saying, "You felt it from Sun Qian’s scene, didn't you?"

Zhan Zhao looked back at him, "Did you feel it, too?"

Shaking his head, Bai Yutang smiled and pinched Zhan Zhao’s chin, "I don't have the kind of power you have to feel the human heart... but I can feel the change in your mood... Kitty, when you are happy, sad, afraid... I can feel all your emotions. "

Zhan Zhao shook his head gently, "I think... there will be someone else who gets killed... maybe an innocent child like Sun Qian... but we have no clues..."

Bai Yutang bowed his head and kissed Zhan Zhao's non-stop opening and closing lips, gradually quieting him.

"Kitty, I have something I want to give you... Don’t laugh." Bai Yutang said softly, slowly unwrapping his arms and releasing Zhan Zhao.

"Something?" Zhan Zhao looked up at him puzzledly. "What kind of something?"

Bai Yutang reached into his jacket pocket and took out a white velvet box. He opened it, and it held two silver rings... the style was simple and elegant...

"You?" Zhan Zhao looked at him with a little surprise, then lowered his head and laughed.

"Don't laugh!" Bai Yutang had a rare blush on his face. "I also know that I was a bit silly. I happened to see them one day and bought them when I was in a good mood..."

Having said that, he took a ring out of the box and gave it to Zhan Zhao, "I... I also bought a chain... if you don't want to wear it on your hand, you can hang it..."

Before he finished speaking, Zhan Zhao had reached out to pick up the ring and asked, "Are they identical?"

"Nn, they’re the same." Bai Yutang nodded. Yet, Zhan Zhao picked up his left hand and put the ring on the middle finger. Then, he took out the other and put it on his own middle finger.

Bai Yutang looked at Zhan Zhao's action with shock, "Kitty... the chain..."

Zhan Zhao picked up the chain and held it in his hand. He asked, "Did you think I would mind others knowing about us... so I wouldn’t want to wear this ring. Yet you wanted me to take it with me... even if it was hanging around my neck?"

Nodding, Bai Yutang stared at Zhan Zhao and saw him turn with a smile and swing his arm into the distance. The silver chain made a wonderful arc in the air and fell into the sea.

"Kitty... uh..." Bai Yutang watched the chain fly away and was surprised. Zhan Zhao reached out and cupped his face in his hands, moved in close, and kissed him...

The affectionate kiss ended, and Zhan Zhao smiled. He rubbed Bai Yutang's hair with a surprised look, and said, "Yutang, you are so cute..."

After a short, dazed moment, Bai Yutang smiled weakly, "Kitty, you’re teasing me..."

Reaching for Zhan Zhao, he hugged him, "Kitty, take your time, just like every time before... find clues, analyze it layer by layer, and investigate everything in great detail (2). Then we will be able to seize even the most fearsome of criminals!"

Zhan Zhao looked up at him.

There was a faint flash of light within Bai Yutang’s eyes, "Kitty, we are the central nervous system of the S.C.I.! Do you understand?"

"En." Zhan Zhao nodded. "We can't be messy... we have to be confident and calm."

"Yes..." Bai Yutang stared into Zhan Zhao's eyes. "Especially you, Kitty. You rely on all of us, but we also all rely on you... No evil can come near you... especially since this fly swatter is here."

Zhan Zhao smiled and nodded.

Bai Yutang pulled his arms together and held Zhan Zhao tighter, saying, "You must believe in yourself... no evil can defeat your justice, and I will always guard you."

Zhan Zhao embraced Bai Yutang's neck and felt the warmth, strength, and lively vitality he gave him... He nodded earnestly, "En!"

A few rays of sunlight leaped above the horizon ahead of the sun and landed on the Earth… The blue of the sea water in harmony with the red clouds of the rising sun cast a fantastical purple glow on the horizon... The border of daybreak seemed like a symphony of light. The mixed colors were like interweaving movements, difficult to distinguish~~ One can only feel a sense of sorrow or motion.

However, when the sun rises... the light and shadow will separate. Day and night, each with its own destination... unchanging since times immemorial.

After clearing their minds, the two returned home for a short rest, then returned to S.C.I. in an excellent state.

As soon as they entered the office, they heard a thunderous sound, and Xu Qing pointed to Wang Chao lying on the sofa in the lounge.

It seemed that Wang Chao had been busy all night. They didn't know what he had learned from following Kong Liping the night before.

Although extremely unwilling to do so, Bai Yutang woke him gently.

"Huh! ... Ah! Boss!" Noticing that Bai Yutang was standing in front of him, Wang Chao jumped up suddenly, "I have found something! A great discovery!"

He turned and looked around, seeing that everyone in the S.C.I. was looked at him with smiles, scratching their heads in bewilderment, "What?" He didn't realize that his hair was messy like a chicken nest, or that there was saliva on the corner of his mouth~~~

"Go wash your face, then after the meeting go home and sleep again." Bai Yutang ordered concisely.

"Ah... OK!" Wang Chao rushed out and came back within half a minute. "Boss, Kong Liping met someone last night."


"I walked with her to her doorstep last night. A black car was waiting downstairs. She went up to it and whispered a few words to the person in the car, then picked a little baby up out of the car."

"A baby?" Zhan Zhao wondered, "her son?"

Wang Chao nodded and said, "I think so."

"Who was in the car?" Bai Yutang asked.

"I saw them. They were a man, and he seemed familiar... I only remembered after I thought about it for half a day. He came to our office yesterday!"

...! ...

Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao glanced at each other. Who came the day before—"Shen Qian?"

"Yes!" Wang Chao nodded. "It was him!"

Bai Yutang groaned for a long while, "It seems that he came to the S.C.I. yesterday for more than just Gongsun..."

Zhan Zhao nodded, "Gongsun may be just a gimmick. He has another purpose."

"And that Li Xu!" Xu Qing said, "I checked. She did take classes at that dance school when she was a kid.”

"... is she the same person?!" Bai Yutang asked.

"Should be." Xu Qing handed over the collected information, and the photos were indeed Li Xu.


"By the way, where’s Bai Chi?" Zhan Zhao asked suddenly.

"Oh~~" Jiang Ping said, "He was here with Zhao Yan early in the morning. Zhao Yan said he had a performance in a short while... the opening ceremony of the Entertainment City of the Shen Group."

"I secretly told Xiao Bai Chi about Shen Qian last night, and then he went with Zhao Yan to ask about the situation." Wang Chao added, "Zhao Yan seemed to be quite willing to take him with him. It's just that the little guy had a rather blank face today..."

Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao only laughed bitterly. It would not be easy to forgive Zhao Yan for such a situation...

"He went alone?" Zhan Zhao asked.

"No, Ma Han followed." Xu Qing said.

Bai Yutang nodded, and after dispatching the crowd, he and Zhan Zhao left the police station. The two decided to go to Qi Le's apartment to find Li Xu.

As soon as the car drove out, Bai Yutang's phone got a text message.

The sender appeared to be unknown.

He opened it and saw the four words— "Help Qi Le."

Zhan Zhao frowned. "Yutang..."

"I understand!" Bai Yutang pulled on his seat belt and stepped on the throttle.

Translation Notes: 

(1) The title also connotates "completely misleading"

(2) “Pulling silk and removing cocoons” - the silk is drawn one thread at a time, and the cocoon is peeled layer by layer; describing the analysis of things being very detailed, and step by step.

T/L note cont: (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)

Sunday, March 1, 2020

S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 51

Magic Murderer 6: Misleading

For the next while, Zhao Yan introduced the general characteristics and development of the curse pattern to everyone in detail.

The young people were all leaders in various fields. Perhaps there was something common flowing in their blood or perhaps it was some kind of unexplainable fate. Zhan Zhao, Bai Yutang and Zhao Yan talked more and more speculatively until even Bao Zheng couldn’t get involved in the conversation. They chatted and made jokes with each other... The rustiness between them was completely eliminated by the conversation.

Finally, Zhao Yan promised to go to S.C.I. the next day to assist the investigation, and the others decided to leave.

When they arrived, there were four people, but when they left, there were only three—because a minor incident had occurred.

When Bai Chi tried to leave, Lisbon bit the corner of his clothes tightly and wouldn’t let him go.

If it was a cat pulling on Bai Chi, then everyone could pull it away.

If it was a dog pulling on Bai Chi, then everyone could drive it away.

But~~~~ It was an adult African lion pulling on him!!! Therefore, Bao Zheng, Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao reasonably decided to leave Bai Chi at Zhao Yan's house and let him come to the police station with Zhao Yan tomorrow morning.

The housekeeper showed everyone out. Only Zhao Yan, Bai Chi, and Lisbon remained in the living room.

The atmosphere was extremely awkward...

"Your name is Bai Chi..." Zhao Yan said, "I didn't know until now."

Xiao Bai Chi gave him a glance, "Yeah, you always called me ‘Hey,’ or if not that, then, ‘little thing’."

"Hai hai~~" Zhao Yan coughed twice helplessly and smiled awkwardly. He said in his heart, why is this kid so vengeful~~~

Bai Chi really wanted to pull away and leave, but Lisbon looked at him again, very reluctantly. And he really liked Lisbon and wanted to stay with him for a while...

Just while the two men were staring at each other with big eyes, the housekeeper came in and said, "Master Bai, you can stay in a room with Master tonight."

"What?" The two spoke in unison, turning to look at the housekeeper.

"..." The steward laughed. "Lisbon usually sleeps in Master's room... so..."

Zhao Yan suddenly felt that this might be a good opportunity to ease his relationship with Bai Chi. So he took a step forward and embraced Bai Chi's shoulders. He tried to put on an amiable look, saying, "We haven’t seen each other for a while. There is a lot to talk about... "

Bai Chi grabbed Zhao Yan's sleeve with two fingers, lifted the hand from his shoulder, and threw it away like a cockroach. Then, he brushed the dust off of his shoulder...

At the motion, Zhao Yan's face became livid and he ground his teeth... Dammed child~~~

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang had gotten a good harvest that night. They sat contentedly in Bao Zheng's car and returned to the police station. Originally, the three were chatting enthusiastically, and then Zhan Zhao gradually dropped out of the conversation. Bao Zheng looked back, and Bai Yutang smiled and made a silent gesture to him..... See? Zhan Zhao was leaning on his shoulder, already asleep.

Bai Yutang knew that Zhan Zhao had been very tired these days. He seemed to be very concerned about the case. Perhaps it was because the murderer had killed an innocent child, which had greatly stimulated Zhan Zhao. He was different from Bai Yutang. Zhan Zhao was more of a pure scholar than a police officer... It was difficult for him to face such a bloody killing.

Bai Yutang reached out his hands almost unconsciously to caringly help arrange Zhan Zhao’s hair. Bao Zheng looked through the rear-view mirror and saw the unbelievable love in Bai Yutang's eyes. He was slightly surprised... Those two children...

At the police station, Bai Yutang wanted to bring Zhan Zhao to his car and take him straight home to let him sleep well. At that moment, the phone rang...

When he answered the phone, Wang Chao’s voice came out, "Boss, that woman's condition is not so good!"

"Not so good?" Bai Yutang was puzzled. "What's going on?"

"She cried and said she had to go back, or someone would die." Wang Chao replied with a little urgency.

"Someone would die?" Bai Yutang was surprised.

"Let's go and see." Zhan Zhao said as he rubbed his sore neck. Who knew when he had woken up.

"We’re coming right away." Bai Yutang hung up the phone and stretched out his hands to rub Zhan Zhao's neck. "Do you recently often have neck pain?"

"Huh~~ some." Zhan Zhao moved his shoulders, and Bai Yutang pressed gently, making him sigh softly and comfortably.

Then, they walked side by side towards the elevator.

As soon as they arrived at the door of the detention room, they heard the noise from the woman inside, and Wang Chao came out rubbing his sore temples, "Boss!"

"Has her information been found?" Bai Yutang asked.

"I checked it." Wang Chao took out a document and said, "Her name is Kong Liping, 31 years old. She is a cashier for a foreign trade company in this city. Two years ago, her husband died in a car accident. She has a child who is younger than two. "

Bai Yutang looked at the information. "No wonder she said she was not doing well."

"Why did she say that she had to go back, or someone would die?" Zhan Zhao asked.

"Oh~~" Wang Chao sighed and said, "She said that her baby was home alone. If she doesn't go back by tomorrow morning, the baby might starve or freeze to death."

Bai Yutang frowned slightly and asked Zhan Zhao, "Kitty, why don’t you interrogate her now?"

Zhan Zhao thought about it, "Well, that's the only way we can do this."

Wang Chao turned back in and took Kong Liping to the interrogation room. He told her that as long as she cooperated with the investigation, she could go home as soon as possible.

Kong Liping calmed down immediately, sitting quietly in the interrogation room and waiting.

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang did not rush in immediately, but instead stood in front of the one-way mirror and observed the person inside.

Kong Liping looked much older than 31 years old, with average looks and rough skin. Her hair was long and a little messy, and she had no makeup. Her clothes were cheap and a bit simplistic...

Zhan Zhao watched her actions intently: the blinking eyes, anxious look... The right hand turning the ring on the ring finger of the left hand from time to time...

He frowned slightly.

When Bai Yutang noticed Zhan Zhao’s expression change, he went up and asked, "Kitty, what's wrong?"

Zhan Zhao groaned for a moment then said, "She is lying."

"Lying?" Bai Yutang asked, "Why do you say that?"

"She is very disturbed..." Zhan Zhao watched Kong Liping's movements and said, "Her eyes keep looking downwards to the left... This means that she is thinking. The current situation may be what she had imagined. She dresses very simply but not sloppily... this means that she is a very organized and self-controlled person. She looks more anxious than worried, so she is not thinking about her child right now... "

Bai Yutang listened to Zhan Zhao's narrative, and stared at Kong Liping intently for a while. "Kitty, you mean... she intentionally got caught by us?"

Zhan Zhao touched his chin and said with a smile, "Maybe... she wants to tell us something, but she can't call the police directly."

"So..." Bai Yutang rubbed his hands together. "What should we do?"

They glanced at each other—Beat her at her own game!!!

Having decided, the two walked into the interrogation room.

When they were sitting face to face, without waiting for Zhan Zhao or Bai Yutang to speak, Kong Liping said eagerly, "Mr. Police Officer, can you make a long story short, I... my child is still at home... he is too young and he’s by himself..."

"So..." Bai Yutang groaned for a moment. "We can ask the social security staff to take care of him first."

"Ah! No need!" Kong Liping was startled and waved her hands repeatedly. "My son is very afraid of strangers... He will cry if he doesn’t see me when he wakes up..."

The two looked at each other.

Zhan Zhao raised his eyebrows—how about it?

Bai Yutang nodded. Kong Liping had been held at the police station for at least four hours! A mother, in this scenario, refused to have her child taken care of by the social security staff... There were only two possible reasons: either she did not love her child, or she knew that her child was safe.

"Let's get started," Bai Yutang nodded. "To make a long story short, was it you who went to the kindergarten classroom last night?"

"Yes..." Kong Liping nodded. "It was me."

"What were you doing at the scene of the murder?" Zhan Zhao asked.

"I... I go to the dead person and burn some money..." Kong Liping said.

"You didn't burn paper money but a talisman." Zhan Zhao said with a smile, "Like you were doing a ritual... or do you think this case was not done by a person?"

Kong Liping shuddered slightly and said nervously, "Yes... Yes, I know it's a ghost..."

"Whose ghost?" Bai Yutang asked, "Xu Jiali's?"

"How did you... did you know?" Kong Liping asked in alarm.

With his hand on his chin, Zhan Zhao asked her seriously, "How did Xu Jiali die?"

"She... she was killed..." Kong Liping said.

"Who was it?"

"I... I don't know."

Bai Yutang took out a document and said, "You and Xu Jiali had lessons together in a dance school when you were young, and Xu Jiali died in the school locker room... Do you know something?"

"..." Kong Liping took a deep breath and seemed to be determined. "Jiali... wasn’t killed by that serial killer."

"Who killed her?"

"I don't know... We, when we went in, she was already dead." Kong Liping shook her head and said, "We just... just forged the scene."

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang glanced at each other and asked Kong Liping with surprise, "Did you draw the magic array? Why did you help the real murderer forge the scene?"

"I..." Kong Liping seemed to be rubbing her hair a little chaotically. "We just wanted to have some fun... And, and Jiali didn’t usually pay any attention to us. We wanted to teach her a lesson..."

Bai Yutang looked at Zhan Zhao, meaning the lie was too obvious, right?

Zhan Zhao nodded and motioned to him. Beat her at her own game!
"So, you think Xu Jiali is coming back for revenge this time?"

"En..." Kong Liping said, "Zhang Zhenzhen... she was with us, then."

Zhan Zhao took out a piece of paper and gave it to her, "Write the names of everyone who faked the scene with you at the time."

Kong Liping’s pen trembled a little as she wrote down a bunch of names.

After receiving the paper she handed over, Bai Yutang nodded. "You can go back."

"... What?" Kong Liping seemed to be unbelieving, looking at Bai Yutang in doubt.

"You can go back, or is there something else you want to say?" Zhan Zhao asked.

"Oh... no... no more." Kong Liping quickly stood up and walked out. She took a few steps, then came back again and said hesitantly, "Mr. Police Officer... That... Xu Jiali has a sister. Did you know?"

"A sister?" Bai Yutang was surprised.

"Yeah... Jiali and her sister are orphans, and they were adopted by different people... but they had a good relationship."

"What's her sister's name?" Bai Yutang asked.

"Uh... that, I don't know. I haven't met her. I just used to hear her mention her often." After that, Kong Liping left in a panic.

Bai Yutang looked at Zhan Zhao, "How was that, Kitty? She seemed as if she was intentionally telling us what happened in Xu Jiali's case back then."

"Also!" Zhan Zhao smiled. "She reminded us that Xu Jiali had a sister."

Bai Yutang quickly dialed the phone, "Wang Chao, follow Kong Liping!"

"Okay." Wang Chao hung up the phone and carefully followed Kong Liping.

Putting the phone away, Bai Yutang turned his head and saw that Zhan Zhao's face was pale... "Kitty, what's wrong with you?"

"Nnn? No... a little stomach ache." Zhan Zhao smiled and said, "Well, what names did Kong Liping write down? It is likely that one of them will be the next victim."

Bai Yutang looked at him anxiously, "Are you really all right? Go to the hospital, okay?"

"It isn't painful~~ You’re making a fuss about nothing." Zhan Zhao reached out and grabbed the paper from Bai Yutang's hand, saying, "Nn~~~ Zhang Zhenzhen, Shen Ling, An Qingyao, Li Xu..."

"What?!" Bai Yutang looked at it, grabbing the paper that Zhan Zhao had in his hands.

"What's wrong?" Zhan Zhao was curious.

"This Li Xu..." Bai Yutang pointed to the name on the paper, "Is very problematic~~"

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S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 50

T/L ANNOUNCEMENT: I study birds. In this case, I'm studying birds in the middle of a desert. Though I want to update more frequently, I will literally be out of cell signal for the most part. Thus, you will be getting updates once a week on average, probably around the weekend, when I go to town for shopping. If I happen to be out of signal for, say, two weeks, I'll post two chapters the next week I'm in service.

Magic Murderer 5: Curse

Zhao Yan said, "I remember who you are..." and Bai Chi cried "Swindler!"

Zhan Zhao asked Bai Chi, "Did you know each other previously?"

Zhao Yan smiled a bit awkwardly, and Bai Chi bowed his head uncomfortably, seemingly angry.

After being silent for a long time, Zhao Yan suddenly softened his voice and asked Bai Chi, "You... you’re not stuttering?"

Hearing that, Bai Chi turned his head to stare at Zhao Yan fiercely. There was a faint mist in his eyes. Turning around, he grabbed Zhan Zhao and said, "I want to go back first."

"No, no!" Zhao Yan quickly reached out and pulled him back, "Sit here for a while before leaving. I haven't seen you for a long time..."

Bai Chi shook his hand off vigorously, "You are not allowed to touch me!"

"Not touching, not touching..." Zhao Yan quickly withdrew his hand and smiled.

There was a thought flashing through the minds of all the people present. Could Zhao Yan have done something offensive to Bai Chi? Otherwise, why would the little guy be so fired up?

Bai Yutang raised his eyebrows, meaning "See? Rabbits bite when they are anxious~~"

Zhan Zhao glanced at him, "You don't think it's messy enough yet?"—He warned him "Don’t make trouble!"

The old housekeeper suddenly uttered an "Ah!" He looked at Zhao Yan and Bai Chi and laughed.

Bao Zheng asked, "Why, do they have a history?"

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang immediately looked at Bao Zheng in admiration, and thought, "He really deserves to be the boss~~ We were thinking about it secretly and he gossips about it so naturally~~ Such admiration..."

The steward led everyone to the living room and served tea before he spoke. That year, there was a small episode~~

Generally speaking, children who are different do not have happy childhoods... Because they are different, they have no friends.

For example, that was why Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang mingled together. It was difficult for others to fit in with them from childhood all the way to adulthood.

Bai Yutang knew that by the time Zhan Zhao was ten years old, he had mastered three languages ​​proficiently and could read very thick and heavy old books. Zhan Zhao knew that when Bai Yutang was ten years old, he could break twelve bricks with a bare foot and could lift an uncle who was several times larger than him in the police station. In other words, if there had been no Zhan Zhao beside Bai Yutang and no Bai Yutang beside Zhan Zhao, then their childhoods would have been lonely. It would have been difficult for them to find other friends.

However, in this world, not every gifted child is fortunate enough to have a talented childhood friend. For example, Bai Chi, and for another example, Zhao Yan.

Zhao Yan's mother was French, so he was born in France. When he was almost ten years old, he returned to China with his father. When he returned to China, Zhao Yan couldn't speak Chinese yet, so... he had no friends. In order to relieve his young son’s boredom, Zhao Yan's father gave him the little white lion called "Lisbon". Since then, Lisbon had become Zhao Yan's only friend.

Bai Chi's childhood was even more unfortunate, because a scholar (1) was born into a wealthy family of upright officers (1). A white rabbit was born into a pride of lions.

From the time he was small to when he was fully grown, Bai Chi had lived under the strict requirements of his parents and in the shadow of a cousin who he had never met before. Bai Chi ran very slowly, had poor balance, and wasn’t very brave. The only things about him that might be considered good were that he had a good memory and calculated things quickly... But all that was not appreciated in the Bai household. Therefore, the lonely Xiao Bai Chi became cautious about everything and he had no friends.

Xiao Bai Chi's favorite activity was to go to the library to borrow a book that adults couldn’t digest and then hide in places where no one could find him, but where he could get sunlight, see flowers, and read with interest. He had many small, secret bases that belonged to him. One of his favorite ones was in the small yard behind the library. The janitor at the gate would kindly invite him in for snacks.

This went on for a long time, day after day. Suddenly one day, a very cute big white "cat" climbed over the low wall.

It seemed to be hungry. Bai Chi invited it to eat his dessert, glutinous rice dumplings. After that, the one person and one "cat" established a strong relationship.

For the next while, Bai Chi would bring some food from home every day after school. The "cat" would definitely arrive on time, and Bai Chi's purpose of coming to the library had also changed from reading books to simply playing with the "cat". Until one day, a beautiful little boy calling out "Lisbon" found the yard. The boy was Zhao Yan.

Zhao Yan has been obsessed with magic since he was a child. This may have been inherited from his famous magician grandfather. And his grandfather had also found out that this grandson was extremely talented, so Zhao Yan had three hours of magic practice every afternoon. Originally, the little "Lisbon" slipped out to play because Zhao Yan had to practice and didn't have time to accompany it. Gradually, it became fond of staying with Bai Chi, and the time it went home got later and later until Zhao Yan found out that it was regularly missing and went to find it.

Seeing Lisbon, who was having a good time with Bai Chi, Zhao Yan felt a sense of betrayal. He decided to teach a lesson to this "little guy" who had taken away his good friend.

Children are different. They may all only be as high as your knees, they may all be afraid of the dark, and they may all like snacks better than staple foods... but there are still big differences between individual children. For example, Zhan Zhao was the kind of little angel who would pick up injured little animals on the roadside and raise them. Bai Yutang was the kind of little devil who would put caterpillars in the teacher's chalk box.

By analogy, Bai Chi was a dazed little angel, and Zhao Yan was a bad little devil.

Zhao Yan became friends with Bai Chi by looking for Lisbon. He was surprised to find that the little kid even spoke French. Then, after he gained Bai Chi's trust, Zhao Yan fiercely—lied to him.

That day, Bai Chi went to the library to find his "cat" and play with his new friend as usual.

Zhao Yan proudly told Bai Chi that he would do magic.

When Bai Chi didn't believe him, Zhao Yan performed a magic trick that he had learned recently. He turned a pigeon into a frog. In the previous few days, Zhao Yan had learned that Bai Chi was most afraid of frogs.

Finally, Zhao Yan patted Bai Chi's shoulder three times and said that he had cast a spell on him. As soon as Bai Chi spoke, he would become a frog.

The frightened Bai Chi ran away in tears. Zhao Yan hugged Lisbon and returned home. In the blink of an eye, he had forgotten about it.

A month later, Bai Chi's mother appeared in front of Zhao Yan's house. At first, she only came to ask about the situation since Xiao Bai Chi had never spoken since he returned from the library that day.

Only then did Zhao Yan find out that Bai Chi really believed in his tricks. After he told Bai Chi that he had helped him release the magic, Bai Chi began to stutter.

Xiao Bai Chi's stammer was not good, but Lisbon had become his best friend. He often slipped out and didn’t return as if Bai Chi was his real master. Because Zhao Yan felt guilty, there was no repeat incident... but the stammer made Bai Chi's already bad childhood even more desolate. At school, children laughed at him; at home, his parents always looked at him with a kind of pity and regret... he became even more timid and did not like to talk.

A year later, Zhao Yan took Lisbon back to France... He did not bid farewell to Bai Chi. Although Bai Chi had ignored him since he had lied to him, Zhao Yan knew in his heart that Xiao Bai Chi would become even more lonely if Lisbon left. He was afraid to see Xiao Bai Chi crying with small, rabbit-like red eyes.

In fact, Zhao Yan had never forgotten this. Because of it, no matter where he was living, Zhao Yan liked to go to the local library... He hoped to meet Xiao Bai Chi. However, the child in his memory was a timid little stutterer... Now, Bai Chi was more than a stutterer. He was also a policeman.

It wasn't until he saw Bai Chi holding Lisbon and happily rubbing him that Zhao Yan had recognized the outline of that child—he had also called him a swindler... it really was true!

After listening to the butler's narrative, Bao Zheng and the others felt like both crying and laughing.

Zhan Zhao blinked at Bai Yutang, meaning "He was worse than when you were young!"
Bai Yutang nodded, "This is true. It is unforgivable!"

Then, both of them looked at Zhao Yan with contempt at the same time and said in their hearts, "He is, indeed, Zhao Jue’s nephew. Genetics!"

Then the two of them suddenly thought about how, when Bai Chi was really nervous or afraid, he would stutter unconsciously... the crux of that matter was here.

They gave Bai Chi a sympathetic look; "This is a lifelong victimization~~ It's terrible~~"
"Hai, hai.” Zhao Yan coughed. No matter how thick his skin was, it still felt a bit unbearable. He switched topics. “Uncle Bai, you said earlier that you wanted my help?”


Then, everyone remembered that there was serious business. Zhan Zhao took out the photos of the magic arrays from the file folder and showed them to Zhao Yan, asking, "What are the special meanings of these pictures? Do you understand them?"

Zhao Yan took the pictures and looked at them carefully. As he looked through them one by one, his brows also became more and more furrowed. After looking at the photos, Zhao Yan removed the cups on the coffee table and divided the photos into two piles.

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang looked curiously at his movements.

After Zhao Yan was finished, he leaned on the sofa and asked, "The white human outline in the middle... was it a corpse?"

The photos brought by Zhan Zhao are all of the magic arrays left after the bodies were removed. After all, Zhao Yan was not a police officer. The photos of the dead bodies were not good to look at. When he was asked, he nodded.

Zhao Yan smiled and said, "The patterns on these photos were not drawn by one person."

Bai Yutang looked at the two piles of photos on the table and asked, "You divided them into two piles. Is it two people?"

"No, I can't be sure of that," Zhao Yan said, shaking his head. "I can only be sure that these patterns are correct, and this bunch is wrong."

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang looked at each other with faint surprise.

"You know what these patterns mean?" Zhan Zhao asked.

"En." Zhao Yan nodded and said, "The real origin of these patterns is the totems of a primitive tribe. Originally, they were very irregular. Later, with the popularity of alchemy, people classified these patterns and they gradually evolved into a fixed style. "

"Alchemy?" Bai Yutang frowned. "Is it so mysterious?"

Zhao Yan said, "The alchemy diagram has a simpler structure, and what stands out here are the constellations and the elements... these pictures, you see." Then, pointing at the photo, he said, "Eyes, gender, snakes... They are no longer simple abstract symbols but are concrete objects. "

Zhan Zhao nodded, "In other words, it has been developed?!"

"Clever." Zhao Yan said with a smile, "Everyone says that you are a genius, and it is true... indeed, these have been developed from the alchemy maps."

"What are they then?" Bai Yutang asked.

"... Curses!" Zhao Yan said, "These are all curses representing heavenly condemnation."

"Heavenly condemnation?" Everyone looked surprised.

"Yes! Heavenly condemnation!" Zhao Yan repeated, "The eyes are the eyes of the god of death. They will cause the cursed person to die for wrongdoing he once committed. The sexes represent the unclean relationship between men and women. They cause the cursed to die. It is sinful sex, which is generally used to curse prostitutes or mistresses. The snake represents lies, and it is his own deception to the world that will cause the cursed person to die... "

"Then, when you said earlier that some of the pictures are wrong... what did that mean?" Zhan Zhao was puzzled.

Zhao Yan said, "In fact, you should show me pictures of the dead body. They will be more accurate... because these pictures are directly related to the cursed."

"You mean, there are rules for what kind of images should match different people?" Zhan Zhao said.

"Haha~~" Zhao Yan laughed, "Talking with you is pretty easy, just a little bit... Yes. These pictures are drawn correctly, just like by a professional magician, but these...… " He picked up the other pile, "They’re rough. Obviously, the people who painted these don't know anything about the curse itself."

Bai Yutang picked up the photos, and the color of surprise on his face grew stronger. He pulled out the picture from Xu Jiali and said, "You said that this is not the same as the previous ones?"

Zhao Yan groaned and nodded, "You can say that."

Zhan Zhao looked at the two recent cases and picked up the photos from Zhang Zhenzhen and Sun Qian, "These two are from the same person?"

Zhao Yan shook his head with a smile. "I can only say that these two pictures were drawn by professional people. Are they the same person? I don't know... but..."

"But what?" Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang looked at him.

Zhao Yan picked up the photo from Sun Qian’s scene and said, "The person who painted this picture was the best. Do you know why?"

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang glanced at each other and said at the same time, "Because a child was killed. It had never occurred before, but he painted it right!"

Good!" Zhao Yan said applaudingly, "It's easy to deal with smart people!"

Translation Notes:

(1) The words used are references to minister gods who are represented by stars in the big dipper. The first (Bai Chi) is Wenquxing, or the “god of literature,” and the second (Bai family) is Wuquxing, or the “god of wealth and martial arts.” When referring to households, Wuquxing can indicate wealth or military/police/officer lineage.

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S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 49

T/L note: Happy Valentines Day!
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Magic Murderer 4: Boodline

The light in the room was dim and ambiguous. Bai Jintang looked down at the man in the bathrobe on the bed and softly relaxed. He bent his head down to kiss Gongsun, whose hair was still slightly damp. Gongsun extended his finger and lightly blocked Bai Jintang's lips. He grabbed Bai Jintang’s tie with his other hand, slowly caressing. The misty phoenix eyes stared at Bai Jintang, revealing a slightly playful smile.

Taking in a breath of air, Bai Jintang cursed "Enchantress" in his heart. Unexpectedly, Gongsun’s finger that had been pressed against his lips began to trace downwards, lingering around his Adam’s apple, gently scratching and teasing. It was like the lightest flutter wings, but the almost imperceptible existence was a great stimulus. Bai Jintang's throat shook, and he tipped his head to hold Gongsun's fingers in his mouth. His wet tongue wrapped around the two long, fair fingers, licking the pale texture of their knuckles.

Gongsun withdrew his fingers, drawing out a thin silver thread of saliva. He put it between his lips, stuck out a small pink tongue, and licked it tenderly...

With Gongsun's action, Bai Jintang's throat groaned, low, like the roar of a small beast. His breathing sped up and his eyes gradually became sharper, glinting dangerously. Gongsun felt a subtle reaction from underneath his leg, and he gently twisted his body slightly, rubbing it lightly~~

"He~~~" Bai Jintang took a deep breath and pressed down his rising mania. He reached out and grabbed Gongsun's hands and pressed them to his ear. Then, he bowed his head to kiss Gongsun’s temples. The warm breath exhaled onto Gongsun's neck tickled slightly.

Gongsun chuckled and turned to look at Bai Jintang.

He couldn't help it anymore. Bai Jintang bowed his head and caught Gongsun’s parted lips, kissing him fiercely. Gongsun deliberately turned his face away from him.

"He~~" Bai Jintang was burned by Gongsun, and his whole body was fiery with frustration, but he was still patient and did not dare to show even a trace of violence...

Nodding in satisfaction, Gongsun wrapped his hands around Bai Jintang's neck. He raised his head and said in his ear, "A reward for you." After that, he kissed him.

His mind went blank. The only remaining sense within Bai Jintang was that of Gongsun’s breath, the soft and cool lips, and the delicate and smooth limbs beneath him.

Then, Gongsun leaned sideways and forcibly turned Bai Jintang, who had been pressed on top of his body, over. The two had switched their positions. Gongsun sat astride him and looked down at Bai Jintang.

"I want to be on top!" Gongsun went up and said.

Bai Jintang looked at him with fascination, at the bathrobe hanging around his shoulders, at the charming Gongsun. He nodded and said okay.

Gongsun sat down with satisfaction to loosen Bai Jintang's shirt collar. Bai Jintang's hand passed through the hem of the bathrobe and touched Gongsun’s bare thigh.

"Nn~~" Gongsun grabbed Bai Jintang's hand impatiently and gave him a stern glance.

"Hehe..." Bai Jintang smiled slightly and reached up and grabbed Gongsun's buttocks. His fingers slid into the slight crevasse. His middle finger pressed the soft hole through the thin cotton underwear...

"Ah!" Gongsun exclaimed quietly, looking at Bai Jintang a bit angrily. He bit his lower lip, supported his shoulders with both hands, and tried not to throw himself into the man's arms. However, as Bai Jintang's fingers moved, Gongsun's arms began to tremble slightly, so he gritted his teeth and hit Bai Jintang’s chest with a fisted hand. "Do not touch... we have a deal~~ I’m~~ on top... ah!" The fist hitting the chest became soft and weak. His originally fierce tone, even to Gongsun’s ears, sounded flirtatious and inviting.

Bai Jintang's hand found the gap on the side of his underwear and dug into it. He grasped Gongsun's already-elevated desire and tenderly caressed it. His fingers were skillfully sharp or slow, sometimes pressing the softness of the back end and sometimes scratching the weakness of the front end.

Gongsun couldn't support himself anymore and fell onto Bai Jintang's chest.

"Do you admit defeat?" Bai Jintang raised the corners of his mouth and smiled evilly, sticking out his tongue and licking the inside of the folds in Gongsun’s ear. The thin walls of the ear were so red that they were practically bleeding. Gongsun only had the strength to pant, his body trembling with the teasing of Bai Jintang's fingers and tongue... But Bai Jintang deliberately accelerated and intensified the rhythm of his fingers and stretched out his other hand too, slowly rolling around the hole behind Gonsun, pressing from time to time...

"Do you admit defeat?" As he asked again, Bai Jintang clasped Gongsun's chin with one hand, licking and kissing his lips. The other hand kept moving. Feeling Gongsun's slight shudder, he accelerated his kneading...

"En... no..." Gongsun shook his head buried in Bai Jintang’s neck a few times. "Stop... ah..."

"You would be sorry if I stopped now." Bai Jintang whispered softly, and at the same time, his fingers trickled along the sensitive skin on the top and along the slight folds...


As Gonsun twitched, Bai Jintang’s hand was covered in sticky juice... He chuckled and applied the lubricating juice to the soft hole. He spun his fingers and entered, maliciously scratching the sensitive, soft and hot skin on the inner wall, feeling the hot, damp, writhing fire. He wrapped his fingers around tightly... He had reached the limit.

"Plot..." The voice was mixed with unbearable huskiness and restlessness... Bai Jintang lifted the dazzling Gongsun who had no force to resist and could only stare at him with half-opened, wet eyes. He took them to the bed, and they quickly removed each other’s clothes. Bai Jintang grabbed Gongsun once again, twining his hands around his neck and lifting one of his smooth legs onto his waist... Slowly, he put his long-filled desire into Gongsun's body. It was gentle, but also irresistible after full contact. Accompanied by Gongsun's almost broken moans and sobbing gasps, Bai Jintang possessed this person with all his heart, taking him into a dream.

There was same passion as before, but it had a completely different feeling. There was no humiliation, only endless pleasure and a breaking climax.


Ma Han's phrase "here we go" successfully attracted everyone’s attention and also shocked Bai Chi behind him. He subconsciously grabbed Ma Han's jacket and shrank behind him, then curiously poked out his head. Looking about, he whispered, "Where?"

Ma Han pointed in the direction of the entrance of the construction site, and Bai Chi looked in the direction he pointed. He saw a stealthy figure walking towards the construction site in a panic. It was a woman with long hair holding a white plastic bag in her hand.

"Boss, do you see that?" Ma Han picked up the walkie-talkie and asked Bai Yutang.

"I see it!" Bai Yutang watched the woman's actions and said, "Don't move first. See what she is going to do!"

"Yes!" Everyone was hiding in the dark, watching.

Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao quietly got out of the car. When the woman entered the construction site, they followed her in.

The woman walked through the rubble piled around the site, climbed down the concrete pipe, and stood next to the magic array. She knelt down in front of the bloody pattern, which was even more eerie under the darkness of night.

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang carefully got on top of the cement pipe and watched her move.

They saw that she was a woman who looked to be about thirty years old, not very young. Perhaps it was due to her very plain clothes. She knelt there, looking at the pattern on the floor for a while, then pulled something out of the plastic bag in her hand.

They heard the sound of a lighter’s flintstone, and flames ignited... She lit a long strip of paper in her hand. By the light of the fire, Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao saw that it was a paper with strange patterns, like a talisman.

Bai Yutang, who had excellent eyesight, was surprised to see that it had the words "evil spirit" on it~~

The woman waved the burning piece of paper. Her mouth trembled, and she chanted again and again, "Someone is responsible for every grievance~~ Jiali~~ If you want revenge, go to the source. Don't harm the innocent... "

... Jiali?? ... Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang quickly looked at each other. The last victim of the serial murder of the Magic Murderer was Xu Jiali... What was the connection here?

The woman kept saying, "I have a child. He is innocent, and I have been having a hard time in these last few years..." and so on.

The "ritual" lasted for almost twenty minutes, and then the woman put away her things and got up to leave.

When Bai Yutang was looking at the walkie-talkie, just about to say "grab her", he heard Ma Han shout softly, "Boss, there’s someone else!"

……what? ... Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao were startled. They turned their heads and looked back. They saw in the distance that a figure in a black pullover had come to the construction site and looked inside. When they saw Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang they suddenly turned and ran.

Bai Yutang cursed "Damn" in his heart, picked up the walkie-talkie, and said, "Action!"

Zhan Zhao followed him closely. Wang Chao and Zhang Long rushed out and caught the frightened woman.

The black figure flickered and ran into the alley. Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao chased a few steps, but they couldn't find anyone...

They helplessly turned back. The woman had been escorted into the car by Wang Chao.

"Let’s get out of here." Bai Yutang frowned and ordered everyone to return to the police station.

In the S.C.I. office.

Bai Yutang asked Zhan Zhao, "Kitty, what do you think of this person?"

Zhan Zhao thought for a moment, "Did you hear what she said?"

"You mean about Xu Jiali?"

"En." Zhan Zhao nodded. "This may really be related to the case back then... I think we had better start from there."

"How is her mood?" Bai Yutang asked Wang Chao.

"A bit anxious," Wang Chao replied.

Zhan Zhao groaned for a moment and said, "She should be married, and she might have a child at home."

Everyone nodded.

"Yes, that's exactly what it feels like," Bai Yutang said. "At her age, the child should be small."

"Let's do this," said Zhan Zhao, "Don't interrogate her and let her wait. We have the right to detain her for 42 hours, right?"

Bai Yutang nodded. "You mean, let her worry first?"

"Yes!" Zhan Zhao nodded, "Also, it's better to find out her identity and the relationship between her and Xu Jiali first, so that our interrogation will be more proactive!"

Bai Yutang asked Wang Chao to check on her identity, and the others went home to rest.

After the others left, Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang went over to Jiang Ping to see the information about the magic array that she had compiled that day.

Zhan Zhao suddenly asked Bai Chi, who was so sleepy and nodding, "Aren't you going back?"

Bai Chi blushed and said, "I... I'm not sleepy."

Bai Yutang stared at him for a while and asked with a smile, "Are you scared? Are you afraid to go back alone?"

"No... no~~" Bai Chi's voice was getting quieter.

Zhan Zhao said with a smile, "We'll take you back later."

"... En..." Bai Chi nodded, his face flushed.

Jiang Ping rubbed her sore neck and said, "Boss, these pictures are too hard to find. I have been searching for an entire day, but I can't find them all."

"It's true that these pictures are a bit peculiar and it’s hard to figure out what they mean." Zhan Zhao nodded, saying, “Who’s better at this…”

"Who’s better at what?" The door pushed open, and Bao Zheng came in.

"Chief Bao?" Bai Yutang looked surprised, "You haven’t left yet?"

"Oh, I was waiting for you. I have a friend that I want you to meet." Bao Zheng said.

"Friend?" Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao were puzzled. "That you want us to meet?"

"You could be considered to have some relations, and... your recent case... he should be able to help."

...? ...

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang looked at each other, their eyes full of doubt.

"Bai Chi, you come too." Bao Zheng said suddenly.

"Me?" Bai Chi was puzzled and a little nervous. This was the first time Bao Zheng had talked to him~~

"Let's go." Bao Zheng didn't say much and called for everyone to leave together.

While driving the car, the four of them arrived in a villa area on the outskirts of S city and stopped in front of a small villa with a strange shape.

Bao Zheng rang the doorbell.

The thin old man who came to open the door greeted Bao Zheng and others with enthusiasm and said with a smile, "You are late."

"Oh, wait a little for a few kids. What about the other guy?" Bao Zheng asked with a smile.

"Master is in the studio." The old man led everyone back and went up to the second floor.

The door on the second floor was hidden, and the old man opened it. As soon as Bao Zheng entered, he was stunned by the sight: the vast room was surrounded by mirrors with boxes and sheets of cloth piled on the ground, and there were metal hangers lined with clothes. The most peculiar thing was that a huge white lion was lying in the center of the room. From its movement of looking up at the crowd and shaking its head and tail, it was definitely a living white male lion... Not locked in a cage, but just lying on the ground.

A man was lying down on top of the lion’s body. He had a large white shirt and slim black pants... he seemed to be asleep, lazily slouching on the lion's soft stomach.

When they first saw the man, Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang nearly cried out, and they looked at Bao Zheng in shock: Although this man was young, that temperament and the feel of his facial features... it was like—Zhao Jue!

"Chief Bao... he?"

"Oh..." Bao Zheng smiled at the two and said, "He is the only nephew of Zhao Jue."

...! ...

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang looked at each other. No wonder Bao Zheng had wanted to say that this person had a relationship with them.

By that time, the old man had stepped forward and nudged the man's shoulder, "Master, Master. Director Bao came."

"Um~~" The man frowned slightly, gradually waking up. He opened his eyes and looked at the old man next to him in a daze.

After he opened his eyes, the deeper contours than ordinary people made Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao feel as though he was familiar... To be honest, except for his temperament and feeling being similar to Zhao Jue when he was asleep, his looks were not very similar... They thought that he was familiar because the person in front of them was that Zhao Yan who they had happened to meet on the plane that day.

It took Zhao Yan a few seconds to wake up. When he turned his head and saw Bao Zheng, he immediately showed a bright smile, "Uncle Bao."

He got up lightly from the ground and walked in front of everyone.

Bao Zheng introduced them. Although Zhao Yan was friendly and easy-going, but Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang, though they did not know why, could always see Zhao Jue's shadow from him. It made things a little awkward. When Xiao Bai Chi was introduced, Zhao Yan laughed even more. Bai Chi really regretted coming with them.

At that moment, the white lion suddenly stood up and stretched out towards the crowd.

It seemed a little curious, smelling Zhan Zhao and smelling Bai Yutang. It was not a good feeling to be smelled by such a big carnivorous beast. Zhao Yan quickly said, "Don't worry, it grew up with people from an early age and it won't hurt them."

"Really?" Zhan Zhao looked at the huge feline curiously, with a little interest~~

When the lion smelled Bai Chi, it seemed to be a bit bewildered and smelling him again. Then it used its huge furry head to poke at Bai Chi.

Bai Chi stared at it for a while, then squatted down, and looked at it again. Then he wrapped his arms around it and cried in surprise, "Lisbon?!~~ weren't you a cat? How come you are so big?"

The lion, called "Lisbon," made a few noises of pleasure and nuzzled against Bai Chi's neck.

The crowd watched in astonishment as the lion rubbed away lovingly.

Even Zhao Yan opened his mouth in shock, "How do you... how do you know his name is Lisbon? You are..."

Bai Chi glanced at the lion, then turned his face, and stared at Zhao Yan fiercely, "Swindler!!"

... It took a long time for Zhao Yan to speak, his face stunned, "I... I remember who you are..."