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S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 67

T/N note: Apologies for the cliffhanger, but I was out of town for my birthday.

                But hey, it was a cliffhanger for me too haha.


Magic Murderer 22: On Christmas Eve (End of Case File)

Bai Yutang slowly backed off and got up and climbed ashore. He reclined back and tilted his head down to gaze absent mindedly and Zhan Zhao.

The white liquid remaining on the corner of the man’s mouth and the bob of a swallow made Zhan Zhao blush till his face was nearly as crimson as blood. The curse of “Crazy Mouse~~” that he uttered was so soft and weak that it enticed Bai Yutang to bow his head and kiss him once more. The flavor of intimacy lingering in Bai Yutang’s mouth reminded Zhan Zhao of the events that had just occurred~~ He exceptionally embarrassed, but he had not yet escaped from the feeling of powerlessness released by this climax. Bai Yutang stood and picked him up, carrying him towards the big bed in the center of the room.

The beads of water dripping from the two people left a speckled path on the ground~~ The milky white floor appeared to be even softer~~ Placing Zhan Zhao on the white silk bed sheet, Bai Yutang reached down with his hand. He brushed the hair that had fallen onto Zhan Zhao’s forehead backwards and looked down to examine the person lying on the bed.

"...Don't look..." Zhan Zhao turned his face to the side and buried it in the pillow. Bai Yutang's lustful gaze made him want to tremble uncontrollably~~

"I want to see it." Bai Yutang leaned over and pulled Zhan Zhao's face back around. He bowed his head to kiss, and the two bodies clung together. Zhan Zhao could clearly feel that Bai Yutang's majesty was hot and firm at his waist...

So he blushed and stretched out his hand. Imitating the method, he began gently rubbing~~

"Hah~~" Bai Yutang breathed a sigh. He grabbed Zhan Zhao's hand and pressed it to his ear, smiling bitterly, "Kitty, it’s like you are setting a fire!"

Zhan Zhao gritted his teeth and said with a blush, "What are you so angry about? I will do it too~~"

As he spoke, he flipped Bai Yutang around and turned so that he was on top. He stared at the person before him, and got up to "bite" his neck~~

Bai Yutang shook his head. This cat, either licking or biting~~ really a cat.

Paying no attention to Zhan Zhao’s coquettish exhibition about his neck and shoulders, Bai Yutang's hands fumbled under the pillow—Where he had placed a bottle of lubricant.

Opening the lid with one hand, he reached in and stirred it with his fingers. He gently felt around for Zhan Zhao’s butt cheek with his other hand, sliding his fingers into the gap. He pressed around the tightly closed hole~~

Zhan Zhao took in a breath of shock and tried to pull back, but Bai Yutang caught his lips and kissed him. He withdrew his fingers dipped in the lubricating lotion and carefully placed his middle finger into the mouth of the hole~~

"Nnn~~" Zhan Zhao smothered a groan. Bai Yutang kneeded his loins with one hand, leaned him into his arms. His fingers gradually entered, slowly rotating and twisting, expanding the small cavity.

"Wait... wait..." Zhan Zhao wanted to reach out and stop Bai Yutang's hand.

Bai Yutang stuck his tongue into the other’s ear and licked, drawing forth a tremor and a struggle. He laughed, "Kitty, I have waited for twenty years. Do you want me to wait even more?"

Slightly stunned, Zhan Zhao stopped struggling. Bai Yutang saw the perfect opportunity and stuffed in his second finger—

"Ah..." Zhan Zhao collapsed uncontrollably onto Bai Yutang's chest, his pointed chin resting in the dip of his shoulder, closing his eyes tightly...

Bai Yutang's two fingers expanded and rotated restlessly in his sensitive inner wall. The fingertips rubbed and touched the folds along the edge. The sensitive inner lining couldn’t withstand his teasing. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, but soft moans still escaped. It felt too real—as if Bai Yutang was touching his internal organs.

Seeing that Zhan Zhao's reaction was so intense, Bai Yutang felt his heart beating faster. This cat was just at two fingers, and he was already so sensitive. The reaction later, he didn't know how cute it was going to be~~

As the edge expanded, his fingers slowly explored further inside as if searching for something. Zhan Zhao felt that something was not right. He grabbed Bai Yutang's shoulders with both hands and looked up at the man. "You... what~~ doing..."

He smiled and leaned into his ear. Bai Yutang told him, "Kitty, according to elder brother, there is a place in the body. As long as I can find it, you will cry out very pleasantly..."

"You..." Zhan Zhao was so angry that he raised his hand to hit, "You two brothers... are studying something... ah~~~"

Hearing the cry from Zhan Zhao, Bai Yutang was delighted to find that his fingers had brushed a soft, slightly raised bump. Zhan Zhao fell on him, shaking his head, and gasping, "Hand... Take away... take away……"

Bai Yutang smiled wickedly and tried pressing it again lightly— "Ah!" Zhan Zhao stretched out his hand to cover his mouth, and leaned on Bai Yutang's shoulder, unable to endure, "No... don't touch... there ...Ah~~"

Pressing it continuously and quickly, Bai Yutang was delighted to see Zhan Zhao’s already quelled desire rise again... beads of sticky liquid uncontrollably dripped from the crown~~ and Zhan Zhao in his arms, despite his trembling and covering his mouth, couldn't stop the overflowing sweet moan. His eyes were moist, and he was incapable of any coherent speech, but he was moaning and gasping, feebly pounding Bai Yutang's shoulder. His desire swung out of control, so difficult to bear that he may cry~~

Zhan Zhao originally looked beautiful, and now he could be described as even more alive and savory. Bai Yutang had never seen him like this before. He only felt that his brain was useless. It was filled purely with the desire to see him even more out of control... His fingers set off to accomplish that feat, drawing out ecstasy from the soft and tight wrapping...

The most primitive desire in Bai Yutang's bones had been completely released, and he turned over and pressed Zhan Zhao onto the bed.

Zhan Zhao was tortured by his fingers, left only with the strength to gasp for breath. Trapped in the sheets, he helplessly looked up at Bai Yutang...... His brain was tumbling~~ This was what Bai Yutang really looked like. Usually he was all tolerance and restraint, not willing to even touch one of his fingers, but now, it was like he trying to push him to the brink~~

"Kitty..." Bai Yutang withdrew his hands and gently spread Zhao's legs. He bowed his head to kiss the side of his neck, "I can't help it, kitty..."

With that, he stretched out his hands to lift up Zhan Zhao's waist and pressed his already swollen desire against the dilated hole, slowly entering...

"Nnn... um..." Zhan Zhao closed his eyes tightly and turned his head to the side awkwardly—Bai Yutang's methodological expansion had been quite sufficient and the help of lubricant made the entry not so painful, but—It was still so uncomfortable. It felt like Bai Yutang was entering his body. The man’s movement must have been intentional. He came in deliberately slowly, rubbing and rolling on one side. It seemed as though he wanted the sensitive skin of Zhan Zhao’s inner wall to remember the exact shape and feel of his desire, and every trace of texture must be combined with a gradual encroachment.

Invading the inside of his body, the most vulnerable place...

Bai Yutang was indeed being quite intentional. He wanted to feel every sensation of entering. Maybe he had waited too long, so he was not in a hurry. He just wanted to feel every inch of Zhan Zhao more fully and capture every one of his expressions. To make him feel helpless and show him a side that no one had even seen before...

The waist of the person below was shaking so tremendously that he grasped the sheets on either side with his hands and tried his best to endure. Bai Yutang grabbed Zhan Zhao's hands and pressed them to the sides of his neck, so that Zhan Zhao could not rely on any support except for that of Bai Yutang. Then, after fully entering, his waist and crotch thrust forward with full force, ferociously pressing against that single point that caused Zhan Zhao to lose all control...

"Ah~~……” Zhan Zhao his own crown immediately raise with the pulse of his heartbeat. He choked on a cry in his throat, stifling it instantly. White lights flashed across his vision, and the climax came without any warning. His calves braced—twitching.

"Kitty..." Bai Yutang dipped his fingers in the sticky white juice that Zhan Zhao had sprinkled across his waist and abdomen, "I came in strong, did you feel it?"

"Shut... your mouth... ah…" Zhan Zhao stretched his hand out to block his face. It was too shameful... he was being completely controlled by him.

Bai Yutang smiled and pressed down. Due to that change of angle, the contact between the tip of his desire and the sensitive place was more suitable...

"Don't...ah..." Zhan Zhao was struggling, but his hands were also holding onto Bai Yutang's shoulders. It was as if he was both refusing, but also also like submitting...

"Kitty." Bai Yutang bowed his head and gently kissed Zhan Zhao's neck, and asked, "Kitty, should I move?!"

Zhan Zhao's eyes were filled with moisture, and he looked at Bai Yutang weakly.

"Can I move..." Bai Yutang adjusted the angle, and the inner touch caused another fierce wave of trembling in Zhan Zhao again.

"Kitty...do you like it here?" Bai Yutang gently swung his waist and hips and churned about that extremely soft band. Zhan Zhao's eyes had burst into tears, and he was shaking his head hard, "No, no..."

"Then, can I move?" Bai Yutang looked down again, smiling at Zhan Zhao.

"I don't know..." Zhan Zhao shook his head. "I don't understand. Don't... Nnn..."

Somewhat apologetic, he kissed the tears from the corner of his eyes. Bai Yutang said in an irresistible tone, "Kitty, say you love me. Say it, and I’ll just let you go..."

Zhan Zhao looked at Bai Yutang in front of him and couldn't say a single word—just that sentence of "I love you". The person in front of him knew he felt awkward about it, so he used that to his advantage...

Grabbing the man's neck with both hands, he leaned into his ear, and slowly said the three words that the man wanted to hear~~ Looking at the shock spread across Bai Yutang’s face, Zhan Zhao held his neck tightly , "Yutang, I... so uncomfortable..."

"Kitty..." Bai Yutang no longer teased him, as he had reached the limit. He lowered his head to kiss Zhan Zhao's already ruddy lips, and slowly withdrew. Then, at the sound of Zhan Zhao’s helpless groan, he moved quickly.

The peak of ecstasy and the satisfaction of getting what he wanted, all turned into Bai Yutang's fierce movements and gentle kisses...until his desire buried deep in the body. After a low shout, it fully released into the deepest part of his beloved...

He drew the man in his arms, whose conscious had already blurred, close, an murmured in his ear, "Kitty, no matter what happens... I will stay with you until the end..."

In the early morning of the next day, Zhan Zhao, after a dreamless night, woke up slowly. His body seemed to be loose, without any strength, and his back hurt badly. He recalled what the Mouse had done the day before and ground his teeth. Crazy Mouse~~

Turning his head, he saw that Bai Yutang was awake. He was sitting on the bed, frowning, and looking very distressed. He wondered what he was thinking~~

Hearing the movement and turning around, he saw that Zhan Zhao had woke up. Bai Yutang leaned over, kissed him gently on the cheek, and touched his waist through the quilt with a smile, "Does it hurt?"

Zhan Zhao blushed and stared at him~~ Then, he asked with some curiosity, "What... were you just thinking about?!"

"Oh~~" Bai Yutang picked up a book that he had just placed in front of him and said, "These three days are not enough~~"

"What's not enough?" Zhan Zhao was puzzled.

Bai Yutang picked up the book and said, "Brother told me that there are many kinds of postures to try. There are more than a dozen here, but we only have three days of rest. Only nine times. Three a day: in the morning, midday and evening...Well..."

Zhan Zhao looked at the numerous things densely packed into the book, and his face drained white with anger. He picked up the pillow beside him and slammed it into Bai Yutang, cursing, "What are you thinking about all day long? You brothers are beasts! Scum! You stay far away from me! You are not allowed to come closer!!!"

Bai Yutang smiled and threw the book aside, looking at his dear Zhan Zhao, "Kitty, why don’t we have some morning exercise after breakfast?! I think the standing one seems very challenging..."

"Yaah~~~" Zhan Zhao took the pillow and used all his strength, "You get away! I won’t allow it! Hand! Don't grope me with your hands!!!"


"Dammed Mouse!!!"

"Let’s do it~~"

"No! Yaah~~~ Mad Mouse! Stinky Mouse~~~~"


"Yaah~~~ Nn~~~"

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S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 66

T/L note: As per usual...
 WIP Erotic Excerpt Teaser #2: Night Therapy | Lorraine Pearl
All the way till the end of the chapter.

Magic Murderer 21: On Christmas Eve (Part 1)

The warmth spreading through Bai Yutang's chest seemed to dispel the surrounding cold. The two stood foolishly under the street lamp, and neither knew how long they remained... Until the freezing cold that gripped Zhan Zhao’s body gradually dispersed, and his hands and feet were not as rigid. He wriggled slightly to get free.

Looking up at Bai Yutang, he whispered, "It's cold!"

"Ah~~" Bai Yutang slapped his head. "Yeah, why are we standing outside~~~" he said, pulling Zhan Zhao towards the villa, "Kitty, let’s go bathe in the hot springs together~~"

"Who wants to bathe with you!" Zhan Zhao blushed. This Mouse.

When he entered the gate, he could not help but admire—the hot spring villa was worthy to be a luxurious vacation place. The furnishings inside were very extravagant but still tasteful~~ The two stood at the entrance. Bai Yutang was holding Zhan Zhao's hand, a little nervous.

Zhan Zhao dare not venture further in. The atmosphere permeated the villa everywhere—the flavor of lovers~~~ In the warm and humid air, there seemed to be a kind of ambiguity...

Both of them knew what they were doing there, but that—how do they start?? It was so embarrassing!!

"Are you all right?" Bai Yutang asked.

"Nn~~" Zhan Zhao grasped Bai Yutang's hand tightly, "I’ll wait and see~~~ What will come will come."

"I’m here to accompany you~~" Bai Yutang was serious, "It will be fine!"

"Nn!" He nodded.

Bai Yutang scratched his head, and asked with hope, "Kitty, that one thing~~ what is going to be our next step?"

Zhan Zhao blushed close to a tomato and looked elsewhere, "Ah, perhaps~~ Maybe we should go in first~~"

"Ah..." Bai Yutang suddenly realized they were still standing there, "Right~~~"

They walked into the room hand in hand: It was an open floor plan—a luxurious bed and a large pool with a fountain, a waterfall, and petals floating atop it—And, of course, steam drifting everywhere~~

The two people with four eyes scanned the surroundings of the room and found that although there were many things, most of them were only decorations. The only useful ones were the bed and the pool. That is to say, take a bath first, then go to bed~~~

Bai Yutang didn't know how long he had been waiting for this day, and now he felt as if the thing he had been thinking about for such an eternity had suddenly dropped from the sky and landed in front of him. It felt truly unreal.

His mood slowly calmed down with the increase in temperature~~ Having recovered from his foolish state, Bai Yutang shook his head self-mockingly. Maybe he was really too concerned and cared so much that he became confused. As long as he came across something of Zhan Zhao’s affairs, he became unlike himself, a little bit timid~~~

Looking at the awkward Zhan Zhao next to him, Bai Yutang understood that if he didn't take the initiative, the two of them might just stand there like that entire night~~ And Bai Yutang had been waiting too long. If he waited any longer, he would surely die~~

Zhan Zhao heard that Bai Yutang seemed to be busy behind him. He looked back curiously but was surprised by what he saw and quickly turned back.

Bai Yutang was undressing~~ Soon, there was a splash of water from behind him~~~ He had gotten into the water~~~

"Kitty, aren't you cold?" As Bai Yutang entered the hot spring, he was greeted with the perfect temperature and breathed a comfortable sigh of relief... "Hoo... Kitty, it’s so comfortable. Come in."

Zhan Zhao turned around and saw that Bai Yutang was in the water, looking at him with a smile—it felt weird to think of undressing in front of him.

"What are you doing up there?" Bai Yutang smiled and swam to Zhan Zhao’s feet, leaning on the wall of the pool and looking up at the other man, "Come down~~ what are you afraid of?"

Zhan Zhao glared at him. He was not afraid, and it wasn’t like he’d never seen it before~~ He would take it off!!

After he quickly took off his coat and pants~~ only his shirt was left. Bai Yutang noticed that Zhan Zhao's hand shook slightly... and shook his head with a smile.

A crashing sound rose from the water, and before Zhan Zhao even had time to yell, Bai Yutang had dragged him into the water.

Standing in the water, his clothes soaking, Zhan Zhao stared at Bai Yutang fiercely, "You Crazy Mouse!"

Lifting his hand and cupping Zhan Zhao's face, he bowed his head and kissed it. Bai Yutang smiled and said, "Kitty, I'm helping you... You're so nervous that you look as if you might faint."

Zhan Zhao gritted his teeth, biting Bai Yutang’s lower lip that was entangled with his own... "Hiss"... Bai Yutang raised his head slightly and pinched Zhan Zhao's chin, frowning, "Kitty, how could you bite people?!"

"I’ll bite you!" In a rare bought of fierceness, Zhan Zhao reached out to unbutton his shirt, turning his back. He didn't look at Bai Yutang, but his unbuttoning hand shook tremendously.

The person behind him approached, and Zhan Zhao's back could feel the rising and falling of the other man's chest~~ His breathing and heartbeat were more intense than usual.

With his hands around Zhan Zhao's waist, Bai Yutang leaned into his neck and gently sucked on his ears...

Zhan Zhao seemed shocked and shuddered.

Bai Yutang laughed, "Kitty, how are you tender~"

...! ... Why was it so unbearable?!

Furiously, Zhan Zhao felt that he had been in a passive position as soon as they started and seemed to be being led around by this Mouse~~

Turning back suddenly, he reached out and pressed Bai Yutang against the stone wall. He moved in closer and kissed his mouth~~

Bai Yutang was slightly surprised first~~ Then, he sighed~~ This cat could not be loved by just anyone. First it was a bite. Now, it seemed that the kitten was licking people~~

Raising his hand and gently grasping the back of Zhan Zhao’s neck, he forced him to raise his head. His other hand clasped Zhan Zhao’s waist and pressed it against himself. Bai Yutang bowed his own head and kissed enthusiastically~~

His tongue pried open the slightly closed lips and teeth and entered into the wet and soft interior. He was met with a pool of savory saliva~~ Was that the feeling? Bai Yutang slowly and meticulously licked the fresh and sweet taste in Zhan Zhao's mouth, teasing and intruding upon the tongue of the man who was at a loss~~ Entangling... As the tender and sensitive depths of his mouth were touched, Zhan Zhao struggled to smother groans of pleasure. In exchange, he only received a more intense kiss from Bai Yutang. His hands pressed tightly against the waist until the person in his arms became soft and powerless... only then did he loosen his lips and teeth. Air once again circulated, and the both of them gasped violently...

Having nearly fainted from the kiss, Zhan Zhao had to gasp for a long time before he recovered his ability to think. Then he looked up to see Bai Yutang looking straight down at him. The expression in his eyes was something he had never seen before. At that moment, Bai Yutang’s expression wasn’t controlled, and the blush of his heartbeat rose to his face.

When his soul had returned, Zhan Zhao felt discontented~~ He grabbed Bai Yutang's shoulder and studied how he looked at that moment. Then stepped in and kissed him. Bai Yutang complain a bit of the Cat’s sharp teeth. It resembled someone venting their anger and the bites were quite painful.

He easily lifted the person, patting his back gently, and comforted him in a soft voice, "Kitty, don't hurry~~"

Zhan Zhao blushed more and gritted his teeth. "Who's in a hurry...?..." Only then did he realize that his shirt was floating on the water. Bai Yutang had taken his clothes off at some point. Now, the two had really, truly met in the Red City (1) and passed the point of no return…… Jesus!

Bai Yutang looked closely at Zhan Zhao's fair body... Through the steam and the soft light in the room, it seemed like he was admiring an extremely beautiful piece of art—this Cat was really beautiful.

Zhan Zhao felt as though Bai Yutang was looking at him like he was some kind of food. He felt uncomfortable, but also felt that he couldn’t lose, so he stared directly back to inspect him. His body was special: under the thin skin, there were soothing but distinct muscle lines with a firm and elegant feeling~~ Zhan Zhao was reminded of a Doberman dog~~ He couldn’t help but laugh.

The laughter was quickly interrupted by Bai Yutang's hand groping and sliding down his waist, and he looked at Bai Yutang with some horror, "What are you doing!"

Bai Yutang said nothing, and instead skillfully grasped one of Zhan Zhao’s delicate and exquisite butt cheeks, gently pressing and pinching. His fingers rubbed the hole hidden in the gap, intentionally or unintentionally gently caressing the soft skin.

"Ah~~" Zhan Zhao cried and wanted to back out—thinking and doing, they were really two different things. It felt extremely strange~~

Bai Yutang supported Zhan Zhao's waist and hips with one hand, and gently explored the ribs on the slim body with the other. The man in his embrace trembled slightly.

He bowed his head and kissed in the depression between Zhan Zhao's delicate collar bones, licking all the way along the clear indentation on his chest. Zhan Zhao was so shocked that he reached out and pushed at his head... Bai Yutang relaxed slightly, but rather than waiting for Zhan Zhao's breath of relief, he forged ahead. His mouth clasped at the long and delicate neck and explored his Adam’s apple.

"Hmm..." Zhan Zhao felt panicky. Bai Yutang's movements could not be predicted at all. Everything was beyond his imagination, but it was all so stimulating. Every touch seemed to cause a crushing, suffocating sensation in his chest.

Buried in curve of Zhan Zhao's shoulder and neck, Bai Yutang looked at the red marks left by his kisses on the white and flawless skin. It was as if they were a kind of imprint which belonged to him, marking this person along his entire body for his own... He became somewhat addicted to kissing the entire length of him, looking at the perfect body full of his marks, Bai Yutang exhaled with satisfaction. He looked at Zhan Zhao~~ Who was weakly leaned against the pool. His eyes were already misty, his face full of embarrassment with a trace of reluctance.

Bai Yutang smiled mysteriously and saw the confusion and doubt rise in Zhan Zhao's eyes~~ Then, he bowed his head and grabbed the small bulge on his chest, nibbling it. He braced his hands on the man’s legs, holding him up...

"Hmm..." Zhan Zhao seemed overwhelmed during the whole process, but passively reacted to Bai Yutang's movements~~ All of his energy was used to endure the shameful moans and cries in his throat. Swallowing them back, they turned into uncontrollable low breathes and an unbearable light hum~~~ But for Bai Yutang, this kind of quiet resistance and helpless look was simply too sexy~~ His movements could not be stopped. He wanted to see more of Zhan Zhao’s different expressions, to see that he was completely controlled, influenced, and possessed by only himself~~~

He suddenly got up and walked up the steps, picking up Zhan Zhao and sitting him on the plush blanket next to the wall of the pool. Bai Yutang supported the ground with one hand and gently combed Zhan Zhao's wet hair with the other, "Are you ready? Kitty?"

Zhan Zhao looked directly at Bai Yutang from his position imprisoned in his arms. Water droplets hung on his long hair. His sharply outlined facial features and dazzling handsomeness now seemed to have a trace of evil charm~~

Looking at him in confusion, he had no idea what is going to happen...

Seeing Zhan Zhao's confusion and uneasiness, Bai Yutang reached out and pushed him down onto the carpet. He leaned over him, stared into his eyes, and said, "Kitty, you are so cute~~~"

Blushing like boiled shrimp, Zhan Zhao just wanted to curse, but Bai Yutang had already leaned down and once again kissed him in that extremely domineering manner.

Zhan Zhao’s knees were bent against the wall of the pool, and his calves were still in the water. Bai Yutang gently separated his legs and squeezed himself between them. He kissed and backed down into the water. At the waist and abdomen, his lips and tongue flowed around the lovely belly button~~ prompting intense trembling.

Bai Yutang put his arm around him, rubbing his sensitive small of the back gently. The other hand slipped down the groin, gently rubbing Zhao Zhao's desire.

"Ah... what are you doing..." Zhan Zhao wanted to sit up in shock, but Bai Yutang pressed his side, and Zhan Zhao couldn't use his strength. He couldn't sit up anymore, so he struggled, thinking to get rid of the pair of rubbing hands playing with his most sensitive parts~~ Long and flexible fingers twirled around the weak skin.

"No, Yutang... It's too difficult..." Zhan Zhao lay on his back. His previous struggles had weakened his waist and knees, his body was so hot, and his desire had risen. He closed his eyes.

"Difficult?" Bai Yutang chuckled, breathing on the fair and light red skin. Each breath caused a tremor to run through the person under him............It was extremely cute.

"Ah!" Zhan Zhao suddenly exclaimed, looking down. Even though his view was blocked by his legs, he still saw Bai Yutang's lowered head. He felt the warm and wet touch, gradually wrapping up his hard desire~~ The tip of a tongue maliciously teased the fragile point at the top.

The sudden and extreme stimulus made Zhan Zhao grasp the blanket under him, unable to speak. He could only shake his head weakly and gasp.

It seemed that the stimulus was not strong enough for Bai Yutang. One hand was wandering gently along Zhan Zhao's lower abdomen, while the other hand pressed the soft and sensitive skin at the mouth of the cavity.

Zhan Zhao gritted his teeth to prevent himself from making an annoying cry. He bowed his head to stare fiercely at the man who was teasing him, but he saw Bai Yutang's eyes staring back at him. His mouth still contained...

He could feel the warmth of the mouth and the thin, hard cocoon was under its complete control~~ His lower abdomen burned and the blood from all over his body seemed to rush to his brain. With Bai Yutang's hands and mouth moving from slow to fast, Zhan Zhao felt his vision swirling. The muscles all over his body seemed to start to twitch, and he grasped the blanket with both hands and strained his tendonds. Everything indicated that his endurance has reached its limit.

He shook his head, "No, Yutang, no..."

Bai Yutang chuckled and suddenly accelerated his movements. The low roar that rose in his throat shook Zhan Zhao’s heart. The uncontrollable pleasure gradually became clearer. Through the frictional contact, the feeling of numbness swam through his limbs. Zhan Zhao bit his lower lip, but he was still unable to stop the broken moans from overflowing. They were sweet enough to cause someone to melt...

Seeing the flat, slightly concave abdomen suddenly tremble uncontrollably, Bai Yutang smiled and sucked hard...

"Ah~~" accompanied by Zhan Zhao’s mournful cry, the pure white of desire was released~~

Translation notes:

(1) The Red City in this case is the literal translation of Chicheng, which is a town in Hubei Province, I think. But what Zhan Zhao is probably actually referring to is the xanxia novel of the same name. From what I gather, the MC of Chicheng is an assassin that is impossible to escape from, or something. So, I think he’s saying they’ve past the point where escape is an option for him haha.

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S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 65

T/L note: There is still hope for a season 2!

I don't have a weibo account, so I can't read the full posts, but the drama's official weibo posted something like this back in May: Season 2 is going to happen, tell us what you think should be done for it.
So Weibo has been blowing up with people's hopes and dreams for S2.

Presumably, they've been cleared for filming (starting at some point this year). Nothing has officially been confirmed on that front yet, as far as I can tell.

I'll keep a casual eye on things, let you guys know when I get any solid information.

Magic Murderer 20: The End PNG Transparent The End.PNG Images. | PlusPNG

Bai Chi was mysteriously called downstairs by the twins, who said there was an important gift they had to give to him... everyone at the S.C.I. also followed with curiosity. They saw a very cute car parked in front of the police station—It was a yellow beetle, and it also had several MashiMaro rabbits (1) pasted to the door~~

After staring at the car for a long time, Bai Chi asked the twins blankly, "This~~ is for me?"

"Yup~~" The twins nodded a few times, "You made so much money for us. This is a gift for you~~"

A look of suffering crossed Xiao Bai Chi’s face. Should he accept it? Or not? Several other people from the S.C.I. couldn't help but laugh so hard that they could not stand straight, and Bai Yutang looked at the twins with admiration, "You two are really good~~ If he drove about in this kind of car, the image of the police would be completely ruined."

"I don't like this kind of car~~~" Bai Chi whispered.

The twins glanced at each other and asked Bai Chi, "So what style do you like? We personally picked it because we felt it suits you best~~~"

Bai Chi wrinkled his nose and raised his head to look around. Suddenly, he pointed to an very large black jeep driving in the distance and said, "I like that style~~ Big, where driving it has quite a manly vibe."

"Pfff~~~" Everyone listening felt that it was rather gratifying to hear the word “manly” coming out of Bai Chi’s mouth.

Zhan Zhao suddenly patted Bai Yutang’s shoulder, his eyes signaling him to look at the approaching jeep.

The car stopped not far in front of everyone. The door opened, and a person with a cast on his left hand jumped out—Zhao Zhen.

Bai Chi happily ran over. Of course, not to Zhao Zhen, but rather to Lisbon in the back seat of the car~~

Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao looked at each other and walked towards Zhao Zhen.

"What were you looking for me for?" Zhao Zhen asked Bai Chi.

Bai Chi rubbed Lisbon's head, "I'm not looking for you... They are." He said, pointing to Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao who had come over.

Zhan Zhao had just asked Bai Chi to send a text message to Zhao Zhen earlier, asking him to come to the police station immediately~~ They didn't expect him to come so soon.

Zhao Zhen looked at the two men standing in front of him and shrugged weakly, "I know what you are suspicious of... if you want me to help you, give me evidence!"

Bai Yutang laughed, "If we don’t give you any evidence, you’re going to ignore your conscience and shield the murderer?!"

Zhao Zhen smiled bitterly, "If you were me, what would you do?"

Bai Yutang sneered, "If I was you, I would have said it ten years ago!"

"..." Zhao Zhen was slightly surprised, and then kept silent.

Zhan Zhao, seeing that the two were ready to leap at each other’s throats, turned to glance at Bai Yutang, beckoning him to stop.

Turning his face away, Bai Yutang pulled Bai Chi back a few steps and let Zhan Zhao and Zhao Zhen talk alone.

"Yutang has such a temperament." Zhan Zhao smiled at Zhao Zhen, "like a knife."

Zhao Zhen glanced at Zhan Zhao and shook his head. "It doesn't matter. In contrast, you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Much more difficult to manage."

Zhan Zhao wasn’t angry and instead laughed, "You know, I have evidence~~ Bai Chi!"

Zhao Zhen's face colored slightly, "That would be difficult to use as evidence. It can only be used as a basis for your suspicions!"

"Indeed!" Zhan Zhao nodded, "So, I want you to cooperate."

"I refuse." Zhao Zhen thought about calling Lisbon to return, but Zhan Zhao unexpectedly said, "Did you know that he has lost control?"

"...What do you mean?"

"Sun Qian's death already shows that you no longer have any control over him." Zhan Zhao's eyes looked forward, as if he was talking to himself, "He will kill again soon~~ As soon as you leave his vision for more than a day, he won’t be able to help it... there will be another Sun Qian~~"

Zhao Zhen turned pale and looked at Zhan Zhao to ask, "What do you mean, if I leave his vision for a day..."

Zhan Zhao stared at Zhao Zhen for a moment, then asked coldly, "Then, it ought to have already been a day since you’ve last seen him~~"

Zhao Zhen hesitated, but nodded in the end.

Zhan Zhao's expression immediately became grim, "That means that you either help us catch him immediately or wait for the body of the second child to be discovered.”

Zhao Zhen pondered for a long while, then finally opened the car door and picked something that seemed like a navigator.

Zhan Zhao gave Bai Yutang a significant look, and Bai Yutang brought everyone in the S.C.I. over.

"Is that a satellite tracker?" the twins of the Ding family, who were very familiar with unconventional technology, exclaimed.

Zhao Zhen nodded, "I just bought it recently, and I put it on him when he wasn’t paying attention. I was afraid he would act recklessly.”

He pressed the button and quickly searched for the target. The location that clearly displayed was—the cemetery of S City.

A "flap~~" sounded, and everyone turned around to see that all the documents in Lu Fang's hands had fallen to the ground, and his eyes had widened in horror.

"What's wrong?" Everyone had a bad hunch.

"Lu...Lu Zhen..." Lu Fang shivered, "Lu Zhen made an appointment with several children today and went to sweep Sun Qian's grave..."

"Go to the cemetery immediately!" Bai Yutang ordered, and rushed to his car with Zhan Zhao, Lu Fang following closely; Zhao Zhen jumped into his own car with Lisbon and Bai Chi... Everybody was flying towards the cemetery of S city.

As soon as they reached the top of the hill in the cemetery, they could hear the screams of children... In a clearing below the hill, five or six children sat back to back. A rickety figure was wandering around them.

Bai Yutang's sharp eyes saw that the man was cutting his wrist with a sharp knife and drawing images around the children with the blood that spilled onto the ground.

Some of the children were crying, and others were screaming. Their hands were tied behind them, but no one seemed to be injured.

One of them raised his head up and noticed the people coming over. He quickly shook his head at Bai Yutang, who was running in front, eyeing the waist of the man...

The child giving the meaningful look was Lu Zhen, and everyone followed his line sight and noticed a gun in the man’s pocket.

Bai Yutang signaled for everyone to leave. By that time, the man was already keenly aware of the arrival of the new group. He chuckled a few times and pulled out the gun, pointing it at the children.

Zhan Zhao took a step forward and said to him, "Stop resisting—Mr. Butler."

Standing in front of everyone was the skinny old man who was Zhao Zhen’s old housekeeper.

"How should we address you?" Bai Yutang asked.

"...Zhao Meng..." The butler replied coolly. He turned to look at Zhao Zhen standing to the side and smiled, "Young Master, I have raised you for twenty years~~ Yet, you just sold me to the police."

Zhao Zhen looked at the butler and then at the frightened children around him. After a long pause, he said, "Give up and surrender~~"

"Hehe~~" Zhao Meng smiled and said nothing, looking at Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang. "Fortunately for you, I was betrayed. Otherwise, you would never have found me in your lifetime."

Zhan Zhao sneered, "Don't be so proud. Zhao Zhen simply helped us find you~~ As for the identity of the real murderer, we already knew it."

"What?" doubt crossed Zhao Meng’s face. "How did you find out?"

"At the beginning, we made a big mistake in your profile~~" Zhan Zhao said slowly, "We were confused by the intertwined cases, and thought that the murderer's behavior had evolved. So, we never doubted you... But, when the case was sorted out, we discovered that, in fact, it was not evolution, but instead degradation."

"What?!" Zhao Meng's face colored, "Degradation?!"

"Yes!" Zhan Zhao sneered. "The evolution of a serial killer means that his killing behavior has begun to be selective, and he has some kind of "philosophy" behind it. Such killers are generally in peak form... Degradation is characterized by the randomization of selected targets, and the crime gets simpler because the ability of the killer is declining—you are old!"

Seeing a trace of anger flashing in Zhao Meng's eyes, Zhan Zhao smiled again, "Ten years, it is nothing for people under the age of fifty, but for people over the age of fifty, it is not quite the same thing—Ten years ago, when you were in your fifties, you were free to choose who you wanted to kill. Now ten years later, you are almost seventy, and you can’t kill anyone but young children. Plus, you have enough ample opportunity to come in contact with and gain an understanding of magic arrays..."

"Also~~" Bai Yutang added, "According to our investigation, you originally always stayed in China. However, ten years ago you suddenly went abroad to continue to take care of Zhao Zhen after the deaths of his parents—Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth (2)!"

"Then you made another serious mistake!" Zhan Zhao said, "You shouldn't have attacked Bai Chi!"

..... Zhao Meng stared at the two of them, "Why do you say that?!"

Zhan Zhao explained, "Because I already had my suspicions of you, I thought, why did you try to kill Bai Chi? What would he know? At this point, everyone has investigating the case and have been quite concerned with finding clues, but he hasn’t found anything special. That is to say, it was from before! He completely inadvertently and unknowingly found a clue~~ and when you met again, you discovered that Bai Chi's memory was too good, so you thought that he was a threat! So, I asked him some details about ten years ago—guess what I asked?!"

Zhao Meng laughed, "I was disturbed by Lisbon when I was drawing a magic array. That day, he was lying on the magic array I had just drawn, and the pattern had dried onto his body. Then he ran away, and after chasing him, I came to the library. I found that a kid was holding Lisbon and playing with him, and the young master was also..."

Bai Chi shook his head blankly, "I...I don't remember this at all~~"

Zhao Meng stared blankly, saw the crafty smile on Zhao Zhen’s face, and gritted his teeth, "You played me... kid..."

"Why?" Zhao Zhen interrupted him. "Why kill?"

Zhao Meng looked at Zhao Zhen with a crazy smile, "Because... After Master Jue left, life was really boring~~"

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang froze—Master Jue~~

"I always took care of Master Jue." Zhao Meng laughed, "I watched him grow up. He was a genius... But, just like that, he was arrested and locked up. Then I got bored. I began to study his notes and I found the magic array~~ It was really interesting~~"

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang glanced at each other. Zhao Meng was so closely related to Zhao Jue. From him, it was very possible to find out the truth of the past.

"Then I started killing people, killing a lot~~ a lot, but life was still boring..." He continued, looking at Zhao Zhen, "Until you gradually grew up. You and Master Jue become more and more like~~ I found a new delight in my life, so I tried my best to train you to be him, but your father discovered my attempts and took you away from me~~ Then..." Zhao Meng suddenly smiled a little eerily, "God has eyes. They had a car accident~~ I had the proper authority to raise you~~ In the ten years abroad, it was much more interesting to train you than to kill you~~ But..." A bit of aggravation crossed Zhao Meng’s face, "The older you got, the less like him you became. Sometimes you were similar, sometimes not~~ Then, my interest in killing rose again! Especially when I found that someone was imitating my crimes with such clumsy techniques..." His remaining words were replaced with Zhao Meng’s forceful laughter.

Everyone stared in horror and amazement at the old man who already had one foot in the grave. He seemed like a shriveled-up husk that had already lost all purpose. He was practically a ghost~~

"Put the gun down!" Zhao Zhen said suddenly. He lightly raised his chin, and looked at Zhao Meng with a smile~~

Zhao Meng stared at him in awe, "...Jue..."

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang were secretly speeechless. Zhao Zhen looked so much like Zhao Jue.

"I asked you to put down the gun and come over!" Zhao Zhen repeated.

It appeared as though there was some kind of magic. Zhao Meng squatted down obediently, intending to put down the gun in his hand. Just as the gun was about to fall and Bai Yutang was ready to go up and handcuff him, a sudden laugh came from the distance~~

Everyone was attracted by this laughter and turned to look. They saw a person standing on the hillside in the distance—Zhao Jue.

He stood backlit, staring at Zhao Meng with disapprovement—smiling slightly...

"Yah…" Zhao Meng suddenly shouted like a demon, and raised his gun again, aiming at the children...

Gunshots cracked through the sky~~

Immediately followed by the screams of the children...

Zhao Meng's head had been shot several times by Bai Yutang—blood splattered everywhere, and the police officers quickly stepped forward to rescue the children.

On the opposite hillside, Zhao Jue has disappeared. Without saying anything, Zhan Zhao ran over, and Bai Yutang hurriedly kept up, "Kitty, wait~~~"

At the bottom of the hillside, Zhao Jue walked slowly forward, then suddenly stopped. He looked at a car that stopped in front of him with some surprise. The car door opened, and an impeccably dressed middle-aged man stepped out. He looked surprisingly young, but his face was ice-cold, without any expression. He bore an uncanny resemblance to Zhan Zhao, though he was slightly more mature.

Zhao Jue ran forward a bit and stopped ten steps away from him, laughing, "I thought you wouldn't come~~"

After a short stretch of silence, the man asked coldly, "What do you want from me?!"

"I wanted to see you~~" Zhao Jue said a little saucily, "I haven't seen you in such a long time. Do you have nothing to say to me?"

"Yes~" He stared at Zhao Jue for a while, then continued in the same frigid tone, "Stay far away from my son!"

"Haha~~~" Zhao Jue suddenly started laughing, "Are you sure he is your son? Qitian?"

He opened the car door, "Even if he is not my son, I still advise you to stay away from him!" After that, Zhan Qitian got back into the car and left...

Suddenly, the joy of a successful hoax spread across Zhao Jue’s face. He glanced back at the earthen wall behind him, then turned his head and hummed away.

Behind the earthen wall, Zhan Zhao stood blankly. He looked at the concerned Bai Yutang next to him, "What did they just say..."

Bai Yutang was also very confused. Seeing the surprise in Zhan Zhao's eyes, he reached out and pulled him into an embrace, holding him tightly, "Kitty, don't do this."

Zhan Zhao just grasped Bai Yutang's clothes tightly with both hands and asked, "What did they say~~~"

On Christmas Day, snow fell unexpectedly. As the S.C.I. had beautifully broken open a big case spanning 20 years this time, Bao Zheng gave everyone three days off~~

The group members went home one after another, and Zhao Hu was still taking care of Chen Yu with Qi Le in the hospital.

When Ma Han looked at Chen Jiayi, who had suddenly appeared at his door, he felt discomfort in his heart, but he didn’t know how to deal with it~~ His sister Ma Xin was a fan of Chen Jiayi, and had soon sold her big brother. Mother Ma had been looking forward to this day for more than 20 years, and finally Ma Han had "brought back" a girl~~ And one so beautiful~~ and she immediately sold her son~~ Since then, Jiayi Chen has justifiably come to visit every single day.

Gongsun was "kidnapped" by Da Ding and Xiao Ding and taken to Easter Island. When he woke up, he saw a huge stone statue and the shameless idiot Bai Jintang.

For Xiao Bai Chi's Christmas, he not only needed to look after the baby temporarily, but he also had to take care of Zhao Zhen in order to save him from the fate of "one incapable of caring for themself," as well as Lisbon~~

Christmas Eve arrived against a backdrop of silvery white snowflakes and colorful lights...

Bai Yutang sat in a daze on the steps in front of the hot spring villa~~

Since that day, Zhan Zhao had taken a leave of absence, saying he wanted to be alone, and then disappeared.

The relaxation of having solved the case and the joy from Bai Jintang sending him a plane became dull~~

Unable to find Zhan Zhao, Bai Yutang nevertheless drifted spiritlessly to the door of the hot spring villa. It was very cold outside, but he didn't want to go in... He didn’t know how long he had been sitting when and his lax gaze was suddenly attracted to a figure approaching from the distance. He stood, unable to believe his eyes, and took a few steps forward~~

The dim light of the streetlamp made the figure seem unreal.

Bai Yutang looked at the Zhan Zhao who had come to stand before his eyes. Both of them had accumulated a lot of snow and looked a bit ridiculous~~

Zhan Zhao stared at Bai Yutang’s shocked expression in surprise, "What are you looking at? Do you not recognize me?"

"You... I..." Bai Yutang was rarely ever flustered, but he didn’t know what to say~~

"It's extremely cold~~" Zhan Zhao said softly, “I walked here~~ I couldn't get a taxi, and I can’t drive myself..."

"Kitty~~" Bai Yutang was already not listening to anything else, but simply hugged Zhan Zhao firmly, "Kitty~~~"

Translation notes:

(1) This is a MashiMaro rabbit: 
12 Best Mashimaro images | Kawaii doodles, Korean stationery ...

(2) Yes, he’s actually quoting Sherlock here.

S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 64

Magic Murderer 19: Overture

Driving back to the police station from the cemetery, Bai Yutang asked Zhan Zhao a little inexplicably, "Kitty, about Zhao Jue's thing, do you want to tell Chief Bao?"

Zhan Zhao thought for a while, "What do you think, did Chief Bao know about it before we did?"

"..." Bai Yutang frowned. "Wat do these old guys have up their sleeves? I can’t make heads or tails of it."

"Nn~~" Zhan Zhao leaned against the car window. "For now, let's ignore it for a while. When the case is closed, we can ask them."

"Right~~" Bai Yutang said suddenly, "Why don’t you ask your dad?"

"Hah?" Zhan Zhao was alarmed and somewhat uncomfortable. "Why should I ask him?"

"When Chief Bao took us to see Zhao Jue last time, judging by to his tone, Zhao Jue should also know your dad." Bai Yutang laughed, "Besides, your dad is easier to speak to than my old man!"

"How is it easy to talk to him?" Zhan Zhao grimaced, "He is so serious. I haven't had a chat with him since the holidays, and I suddenly come and ask? How strange would that be?!"

"At most, he wouldn’t talk. He wouldn’t hit you, would he? My old man uses his fist instead of his mouth~~ But then again..." Bai Yutang looked at Zhan Zhao, "I think your dad seems to have been especially harsh to you ever since you were a kid~~"

Zhan Zhao was lost in thought, "It would be nice if he was willing to beat me. Since my childhood, he’s been completely indifferent. He doesn’t even look at me."

"Don't be stupid, he's just more serious." Bai Yutang saw Zhan Zhao’s face dim and he comforted him quickly. Every time he talked about his dad's problems, he would become sullen and unhappy~~ That is to say, when he was a child, Zhan Zhao was so adorable that all the adults loved him dearly. However, his real father never seemed to care about him at all. Bai Yutang always thought that Zhan Zhao may not be his father's biological son, but they looked so very much alike~~ You couldn’t possibly believe that...

"All right, I don’t feel it anymore." Zhan Zhao waved his hand. "Don't mention it. Let's find a way to break this case first."

Bai Yutang nodded, "I just asked the Zhang Long and Wang Chao to interrogate Kong Cheng and Wei Yong. We’ll probably know the result when we get back... I am more concerned about why Bai Chi was attacked?"

"That was a bit weird!" Zhan Zhao nodded. "Bai Chi has nothing to do with this case and looking at the behavior of the perpetrator~~ It's very much like the Magic Murderer." As he spoke, he gestured to his neck. "Chopping here."

"Kitty..." Bai Yutang was silent for a while, then said, "Zhao Zhen's fighting skill is very good."

"Ah?" Zhan Zhao didn't quite understand why Bai Yutang suddenly changed the subject to Zhao Zhen, "What do you mean?"

"I noticed it on the plane that one time." Bai Yutang said to himself, "Absolute mastery."

"What do you want to say?" Zhan Zhao asked and looked at Bai Yutang.

"In fact, that day, he had many ways to save Bai Chi without being injured, and~~ he could have caught the person who attacked Bai Chi."

"You mean..." Zhan Zhao frowned slightly, "Zhao Zhen deliberately let that person go?"

Bai Yutang smiled, "I'm not sure, but if he got injured, there would be a good excuse for not catching that person~~"

"Zhao Zhen knows that person..." Zhan Zhao thought for a while, "And that person should still be important to him."

"Indeed." Bai Yutang nodded. "His hands are very valuable... and~~ I think the reason Bai Chi was attacked was also probably because of Zhao Zhen."

"Nn~~" Zhan Zhao smiled inexplicably, "I think that what is important to Zhao Zhen is not so much that person, but Bai Chi."

"Why do you think that?" Bai Yutang was curious.

"Yes, if you think that if Bai Chi was attacked because of Zhao Zhen, and Zhao Zhen's actions seemed to convey a message..." Zhan Zhao speculated about Zhao Zhen's psychology, "I know who you are, and I can’t compare to you, but if you hurt this person, hurting him is tantamount to hurting me.”

"Very interesting idea~~" Bai Yutang nodded, "If you look at it from another angle, it really makes sense... That is to say, the key to everything is Bai Chi?"

"Yes. The little guy must have discovered something without knowing it." Zhan Zhao touched his chin. "The key to unlocking this case... is on him."

The two returned to the police station but did not enter the office. They met Zhang Long and Wang Chao outside the interrogation room.

"How is it?" Bai Yutang asked.

"Ah~~" Wang Chao sighed. "These two boys. I don't know whether they should be hated or pitied."

"Why do you say that?" Zhan Zhao asked.

The four people walked and talked. Zhang Long and Wang Chao briefed Bai Yutang on the results of the interrogation.

The two were very cooperative and almost always answered the questions.

When Kong Cheng was thirteen, the neighbor next door adopted a nine-year-old little girl, Xu Jiali~~The two met at that time, and they grew up together. However, four years later, Xu Jiali strangely died.

In the next ten years, Kong Cheng had always been obsessing over the matter. He constantly kept collecting information about the magic array, hoping that one day he could avenge Xu Jiali—perhaps it was by God’s will that Kong Cheng coincidentally became a lawyer for the Shen Group and was furthermore placed in an important position by Shen Qian~~ Until one day, Kong Cheng inadvertently overheard a quarrel between Shen Qian and Shen Ling. Only then did he understand the truth behind that year.

After years of studying the magic arrays, Kong Cheng suddenly came up with the idea of ​​using a magic array to avenge Xu Jiali.

He first deceived Zhang Zhenzhen under the pretext of "knowing the truth of that year" and killed her in the classroom. Afterwards, he watched Kong Liping. He followed her to the classroom. The first attempt, he was disturbed by the guard, the one who had said that it was haunted that day. For second attempt, he again followed her to the construction site. He was the very same man that they had lost that day.

When Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang heard this, they both smiled, "He met Wei Yong there, right?"

"Ha~~" Wang Chao and Zhang Long glanced at each other, "God~~ How can you both know?!"

Bai Yutang laughed and said nothing, "You two continue."

Wang Chao and Zhao Long then continued their report.

Kong Cheng had fled in a panic, and at that moment, somebody dragged him into a hidden alley. He immediately turned around and lost the people chasing him.

The one who had saved him was Wei Yong. Wei Yong had read the report earlier and knew that Zhang Zhenzhen's case was not the real magic murderer. However, he soon found out that it was the real murderer who killed Sun Qian—the man who destroyed his life! So, he reignited his determination to capture him.

Both of them talked about their own stories. Through Kong Chen, Wei Yong also learned the truth about that year! At the time, it was because of that last case that he was dismissed, and that the magic murderer mysteriously disappeared. So, Wei Yong planned to participate in Kong Cheng’s crazy revenge plan—he felt that they were approaching the real magic murderer step by step. The people that he killed were only bait and deserving of their sinful fate~~ So, he went to kill Li Xu.

"However, Dr. Zhan." Zhang Long said suddenly, "I keep feeling as though Wei Yong and Kong Cheng's mental states seem to be somewhat off!"

"En!" Wang Chao also nodded, "I always feel as though the participants in this case, Kong Cheng, Wei Yong, Li Xu, and even including Shen Qian... They all chatter on about God. It’s not normal."

"He~" Zhan Zhao smiled, "Do you know about the preparation of
Radix pedis diaboli?"

"What?" Wang Chao and Zhang Long looked at each other and shook their heads.

"The Devil's Foot..." Bai Yutang said, "It’s in Sherlock Holmes."

"Yes!" Zhan Zhao nodded. "In the Latin language spoken by ancient European countries,
Radix pedis diaboli means 'root of the devil’s foot'. It is a poison that releases toxic gases through combustion and affects the nerves of the people who inhale it—the more it’s inhaled, and the longer it’s inhaled, the more dangerous it is. When it’s mild, one goes crazy. When it’s severe, one will die, and it is a terrible death."

"I remember the introduction of this poison in the "The Adventure of the Devil's Foot" in "Sherlock Holmes: His Last Bow." Bai Yutang recalled, "The owner of the poison introduced it to his sweetheart's brother. So that brother stole the poison and killed his sister. Later, in order to avenge his sweetheart, the owner poisoned the real murderer with it." After a pause, Bai Yutang looked at Zhan Zhao, "but I don't understand what this story has to do with this case?!"

Zhan Zhao thought about it for a while, "To be precise, the magic array is the
Radix pedis diaboli in this case. It is a lethal weapon. It is just a tool, but that cannot change the fact that it is highly toxic."

"You mean, the array is like a double-edged sword. Hurt others and hurt yourself?" Bai Yutang asked.

"Do you remember when Zhao Zhen introduced this array to us, saying it originated from an ancient tribe’s curse?" Zhan Zhao said, "I asked Gongsun to help me count the number of wounds on Kong Liping that day and found that it was a multiple of 13 every time."

"The arrays in her house are an exact multiple of 13." Bai Yutang said, "That picture will make people berserk!"

"Yes~~" Zhan Zhao shook his head and sighed, "An ancient civilization has its own mysteries and unfathomable things. Taboos~~ They aren’t easy to get close to, and they could also perhaps be disguised. This could be why the real Magic Murderer killed so many people. Perhaps he is also the victim of the curse~~ Just like Kong Cheng and Wei Yong, he paid too much attention to the spell, and he was trapped in it..."

Bai Yutang bowed his head and pondered, "So, Wei Yong would have had the impulse to correct the wrong magic array (1)~~ Because he was too obsessed with the pattern, maybe he was already suffering at that point. Uncle Wen and the others may have already discovered his anomaly before expelling him from the police force~~"

Zhan Zhao patted him on the shoulder, "When you went to ask questions, Uncle Wen kept hemming and hawing. Perhaps his first reaction at the time was that this case may have been done by Wei Yong, though he couldn’t say for sure~~"

Shrugging, Bai Yutang seemed to have taken a load off his mind, "So it turns out~~ the Devil's foot~~ It's really appropriate."

Back at the S.C.I.'s office, Bai Yutang sorted out the report. This time, the case had already been mostly solved. Next, they just had to wait for the net to close around the real Magic Murderer. The key was to see whether Zhan Zhao could find the solution from Bai Chi.

What was Xiao Bai Chi doing at that moment? He was in Zhan Zhao’s office, teasing Kong Liping's baby.

Since Xiao Bai Chi had seen the baby that morning, everyone was surprised to find that the two were really getting along swimingly~~~

After bringing the baby into the office, everyone could hear one big and one small person laughing all the time. The crowd outside the door was curious, could it be that the genius Bai Chi was able to talk to the baby??

Zhan Zhao walked into the office and closed the door. He teased the child with Bai Chi, chatting casually while doing so... Then, the crowd outside the door listened as the baby started crying for a while, then laughing for a while~~

After more than half an hour, Zhan Zhao came out with his face glowing. Inside, the baby was crying incessantly~~ Xiao Bai Chi hugged the child and yelled, "Brother, you will not be allowed to come close to the baby in the future!"

Bai Yutang removed the cotton stuffed in his ears and asked Zhan Zhao, "Kitty, were you asking questions or abusing children?"

Zhan Zhao smiled, "Xiao Bai, children are so soft and lie on their stomachs, and they can't talk, it's so interesting~~"

"Hem hem~~" Bai Yutang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, "Don’t talk about the baby. How did it go? You’re so pleased, have you gained something?"

"Heng heng~~" Zhan Zhao was somewhat smug, "Now it's the prelude~~ An what we’re going to do is finish this crazy piece of music before the climax.” Bai Yutang’s face remained puzzled as he spoke, and Zhan Zhao raised his eyebrows at him. "Get ready to pull in the net and catch the big fish, Captain Bai~~"

Translation notes:

(1) Referring to why Wei Yong got fired for damaging the crime scene. I guess he changed the array.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 63

T/L note: Everyone is gay~~~~~ (except Zhang Long/Qi Le and Ma Han/Chen Jiayi)

Magic Murderer 18: Free

"I want to eat an apple." Zhao Zhen leaned on the sofa in the luxurious single ward, stretching out his legs.

Xiao Bai Chi glared at him and gave him an apple.

"Peel it~~" Zhao Zhen glanced at the round apple, feeling that it was similar to Bai Chi.

Bai Chi looked at the apple and glared at Zhao Zhen again, "The skin... is nutritious."

Zhao Zhen thought about it and nodded, "Then, cut it into small pieces~~"

Xiao Bai Chi ground his teeth and picked up the knife. He treated the apple as though it were Zhao Zhen, slicing it with the knife, and then slicing it again~~

Zhao Zhen looked at the cold aura emanating from Bai Chi’s back, "That, ChiChi, I want to eat apple, not apple puree~~~"

"You’re not allowed to call me that!" Bai Chi threw the apple pieces onto a plate and handed it to him.

"Ah~~" Zhao Zhen didn't take it, but instead opened his mouth and asked Bai Chi to feed him.

Bai Chi froze for a moment~~~ This person's every move… last time he had kissed his forehead and touched his hair~~ And now he was asking someone to feed him, as though they were super close...

He inserted a toothpick into a piece of apple and carefully threw it into his mouth.

Zhao Zhen ate the apple with satisfaction.

Bai Chi took a closer look at him~~ There really was a strong resemblance (1).

"More." Zhao Zhen opened his mouth again.

Bai Chi stabbed another piece and delivered it. Because he had been thinking about things, he withdrew his hand slightly slower. Zhao Zhen wasn’t sure if it was unintentional or intentional, but he claimed a mouthful of Bai Chi’s fingers along with the bite.

"Yah!" Bai Chi felt the warm, wet touch on his fingers, and threw the toothpick in surprise.

"What's wrong?" Zhao Zhen pretended to be puzzled. "Continue. I haven't eaten enough yet."

"You~~" Bai Chi blushed and looked at Zhao Zhen carefully, noticing that even his face looked the same—was it just a coincidence? Was he too sensitive?

The kind and innocent Xiao Bai Chi felt like he’d perhaps overreacted, reflected on himself, and picked up the plate to continue to feed the apple to Zhao Zhen.

"Aren’t you tired?" Zhao Zhen looked at Bai Chi, who was staying far away and stretching his arms to feed him apples, and smiled, "Sit closer a little. What are you scared of? I won't bite."

Bai Chi saw him laughing at him, and immediately sat beside him, "Who is afraid?!"

"Is that so~~" Zhao Zhen smiled, and he also sat closer. When Bai Chi dipped his head to poke at the apple, he leaned in and kissed him on the forehead...


Bai Chi clutched his forehead and stared at Zhao Zhen fiercely, "Are you... sick?! Why kiss me?"

"Because you are cute~~" Zhao Zhen stretched out his uninjured hand and gently lifted Bai Chi's chin.

Bai Chi snapped his hand away,"God... you nutjob! Don't kiss there!"

"Oh~~" Zhao Zhen nodded, "Then I’ll kiss another place~~" he said, bowing his head to Bai Chi's mouth.

Bai Chi's eyes widened in horror, staring at Zhao Zhen in front of him. His eyes unconsciously met the other man’s.

"Haha~~~" Zhao Zhen laughed when he saw Bai Chi looking startled and stunned and staring into his eyes.

At that moment, the door happened to be pushed open... Qin Bi, Zhao Zhen’s agent, appeared at the door. It was too embarrassing for him to go further in, but also too embarrassing for him to go back out. He had no choice but to smile apologetically.

Bai Chi's face was pale at first, and then it instantly turned red, becoming more and more crimson. His ears~~ neck~~ fingers~~

Zhao Zhen laughed louder, looking at this little thing. Maybe even his buttocks were red~~

Bai Chi stood up with a rustle, snapped the plate in his hand onto Zhao Zhen's face, turned angrily, rushed to the door, and ran out at his fastest speed.

Zhang Long at the door was baffled, "Xiao Bai Chi~~ Where are you going?"

Helpless Bai Chi didn't listen at all, he just ran away quickly. Zhang Long quickly followed.

When he ran outside of the hospital, he saw Bai Chi standing next to a trash can and stepping on a packing bag, saying, “Smelly cockroach! Damned cockroach! I’ll step on you!!!”

Zhang Long walked over, trembling with trepidation, "That, are you okay?"

Bai Chi breathed a few more breaths, pursed his lips, and looked at Zhang Long aggrievedly, "I don't want to stay here. I want to go back to the police station."

Zhang Long froze for three seconds, then nodded repeatedly, "Okay!~~ Good!~~~" He wiped his mouth and fished out the car key, then said, "So cute, so cute~~"

"Have you laughed enough?” Qin Bi shook his head and looked at Zhao Zhen. "Why don't you even let the kids go?"

"Don't you think he's fun?" Zhao Zhen laughed as he picked up the apple from on top of him.

Qin Bi looked at his hand, "I have asked the doctor, and you have to rest for at least two months."

With a shrug, Zhao Zhen fiddled with the knife on the table without saying a word.

"Do you know how much your hands are worth?" Qin Bi's face became serious. "It's not enough to just get shot, but also stabbed?!"

Zhao Zhen picked up a coat from the sofa, put it on, got up, and walked out.

"Where are you going?" Qin Bi was anxious.

"To hang out." Zhao Zhen said casually.

"The doctor said you should take a good rest! Zhen... Zhen!" He cried out a few times, but Zhao Zhen walked out of the ward without looking back.t

Back at the S.C.I.'s office, Bai Chi felt that the air was so pleasant.

Jiang Ping motioned to him quietly and pointed to Zhan Zhao's office.

When Bai Chi peeked in, he saw Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao on the couch with their heads tilted together, sleeping soundly.

"Why are you blushing so much?" Jiang Ping asked Bai Chi, puzzled.

"No~~ I’m not~~" Bai Chi shook his head. When he saw the two of them on the sofa, he suddenly thought of the way he’d seen them kissing in the car last time~~~ He was all flustered and panicked.


The next morning, everyone was refreshed~~ There were too many things happening in the last two days, but fortunately, there had been great progress. The next thing to do was to further interrogate the prisoners and sort out the case.

Bai Yutang was just about to call everyone to a meeting, when Lu Fang pushed the door in, "Xiao Bai, there is news."

"What news?" Bai Yutang was a little puzzled.

"Did you ask people to find An Qingyao and Tong Ming last time?" Lu Fang said, "I couldn't find them in China, so I checked their entry and exit records. They went to the United States five years ago and have never returned. However, Tong Ming suddenly returned to China a month ago. I just contacted him..."

"What did you say?" Zhan Zhao interrupted Lu Fang's words from the side, "You mean that An Qingyao and Tong Ming are not dead?!"

"Ah?!" Lu Fang was also stunned. "No!"

Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang glanced at each other, and were speechless, "What about Li Xu?" Zhan Zhao asked Lu Fang in a hurry. “Can you find out? The real Li Xu!”

"Oh~~ I'll find someone to check~~" Lu Fang saw Zhan Zhao so excited for the first time and ran out quickly.

At about noon, Lu Fang ran back, "I found her. She is in H city."

"She's in China?" Bai Yutang was surprised.

"Yes." Lu Fang said, "Also, Tong Ming called just now, saying he was willing to surrender and explained the facts from that year~~ that is, we can arrest Li Xu and An Qingyao next."

"Wait~~" Jiang Ping said suddenly, "So, Xu Jiaqing didn't do anything... Then why would she plead guilty?!"

Zhan Zhao raised his head sharply, turned back to the office and pulled out a photo from the folder on the desk. Then, he hurried out the door.

Everyone was puzzled by the action, and Bai Yutang quickly followed him, "Kitty, what's going on?"

"I'm just guessing. Wait for Xu Jiaqing to confirm it for me!" Zhan Zhao kept walking, quickly ran to the interrogation room, and pushed the door open.

Xu Jiaqing was sitting there, waiting quietly. For her, the next thing to do was to wait for the trial and end her life~~ She had no regrets, because if she had not avenged her sister, her life would have be dominated by hatred. Since she got revenge, she would accept the proper outcome.

Zhan Zhao rushing in suddenly surprised her.

Zhan Zhao put the photo in his hand on the table and pushed it to Xu Jiaqing, "'For hatred, we must use hatred to solve it'. Did he say that?"

Xu Jiaqing looked down at the photo and nodded. "But my revenge has nothing to do with him. He is just my numerologist."

Bai Yutang had already run in by that time. Hearing Xu Jiaqing's words, he looked down and saw that the person in the photo was indeed Zhao Jue.

"How long have you been consulting with him?" Zhan Zhao asked.

"It's been more than three years. I was in the cemetery. After hearing Tong Ming's confession, I was very conflicted. I didn't know if I should take revenge. Later, a friend happened to invite me to see a fortune teller with her, and I met him."

"When did you hear Tong Ming's confession?" Zhan Zhao asked.

"Three... three years ago~~" Xu Jiaqing replied.

"How did you kill them?" Zhan Zhao sighed, moving a chair and sitting down. He looked directly at Xu Jiaqing, "Tell me more details!"

"I..." Xu Jiaqing thought for a moment, and there was a trace of confusion in his eyes, "I..."

"You only remember the fact that you killed them, but you don't remember the process?" Zhan Zhao put away the photo. "Did you know that Tong Ming just returned to China a month ago? Before he had lived abroad. When he went to your sister's tombstone to repent and you overheard him, it should have been recent."

"Wh...what...I~~" Xu Jiaqing frowned and patted her forehead. "I can't remember~~"

Zhan Zhao extended his hand to take off his watch and put it in front of Xu Jiaqing's eyes, "Now, stare at this watch and imagine the time going back, an hour ago~~"

Xu Jiaqing stared at the watch as Zhan Zhao said, and began to recall.

"One more day ago... a week ago... a month..." Slowly guiding her and seeing Xu Jiaqing gradually began to get confused, Zhan Zhao raised his hand and tapped her forehead lightly~~

"Ah~~" Xu Jiaqing raised her head violently, "I~~ I remembered~~ Yeah, right~~~ I...I met him a month ago... Then he said something to me..."

Bai Yutang watched Xu Jiaqing's changes and sat down. "Then, when you woke up, you were already in the middle of this plan and remembered that you had killed Li Xu, An Qingyao and Tong Ming, and were about to pretend to be Li Xu. To complete the next plan, what did you do afterwards?"

"After, I, as Li Xu, found someone to share a house with," Xu Jiaqing recalled. "I contacted other people from that year... and then..."

"Then, you introduced this numerologist to Kong Liping, didn't you?" Zhan Zhao said, seeing Xu Jiaqing nod, and then said, "Then you were attacked, and your plan got interrupted. You were under surveillance, but Shen Ling died, too. In the end, only Shen Qian was left. So, yesterday you went to complete your final revenge, right?"

Xu Jiaqing nodded, "Yes, but..."

"Yes." Bai Yutang took the key to open her handcuffs. "You did nothing but take Kong Liping to the numerologist."

"Then I..." Xu Jiaqing asked confusedly, "I avenged my sister..."

Zhan Zhao stood up, "Zhang Zhenzhen is dead, Kong Liping is dead, Shen Ling is dead, Shen Qian was seriously injured, and he has been disgraced; Tong Ming has already said that he will surrender, and Li Xu and An Qingyao will not escape the sanctions of the law. It’s what you call revenge. I think the ending is already tragic enough."

Bai Yutang sneered, "This is a gift from your numerologist. Your hands are not stained with any drops of blood, but you have had your revenge perfectly. Starting today, you should be free~~"

"I... free..." Xu Jiaqing looked at the two in front of her in disbelief, "I don't have to bear the hatred anymore~~"

"Right." Zhan Zhao nodded. "You don't have to bear hatred anymore, but you have to bear something else."

"Something else?" Xu Jiaqing was puzzled.

"Chen Yu and Qi Le almost died in order to save you, and now Chen Yu is still lying in the hospital." Bai Yutang said with a blank expression, "Kong Liping's one-year-old child has since become an orphan; there is also a Kong Cheng, although I don't know how he was stimulated to get revenge, but he did kill two people for you and your sister, and don’t forget the most innocent Sun Qian!"

"I... so what do I have to bear? Guilt? Repentance..." Xu Jiaqing was confused and her mind was chaotic. "Why is it like this?"

Zhan Zhao shook his head, "You are in the same state as the people who killed your sister. What you have to bear is not guilt and repentance, but the hatred of others against you—this is what is called, 'For hatred, you must use hatred to solve it.’ The true meaning.”


After leaving the interrogation room, at Zhan Zhao’s request, Bai Yutang drove him to a place: the cemetery in S City.

In front of a small tombstone, there was a man sitting and reading a book. He read it gently, as if reading a bedtime story.

Lifting his head, he looked at Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang who came up to him.

Zhan Zhao looked down at Zhao Jue sitting in front of the tombstone. The book he had was a "Little Prince". On the tombstone behind him, there was a young face—Sun Qian.

"She was out of your calculations, wasn't she?" Zhan Zhao asked.

Zhao Jue touched the photo on the tombstone with regret, "No one can account for everything~~ there will always be something we don't expect~~" he said, standing up and patting Zhan Zhao's shoulder, "That is why talented people are the best."

Placing the book in front of the tombstone, he turned around and leave. When passing by Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang, he suddenly said, "Hurry up and catch the demon in front of me, alright? If you let me catch it first~~ Maybe there will be an even greater surprise..." Finished, he left.

Zhan Zhao lowered his head and picked up the "Little Prince" from the ground. He smiled helplessly and asked Bai Yutang, "Xiao Bai, do you remember watching the Little Prince's play as a child?"

Bai Yutang took the book and said, "I remember."

"Then do you remember why the pilot started to tell the story?" Zhan Zhao then asked.

"...Because he felt lonely. In the world of adults, he couldn’t find a person who spoke speculatively—adults, they are all too practical." Bai Yutang replied, looking at Zhan Zhao, "Kitty, what do you make of it?"

"I think, he told us..." Zhan Zhao paused and looked at the direction of Zhao Jue's departure. "Why Sun Qian was chosen—demons are impractical, so his next target is also a child."

Translation notes:

(1) Bai Chi is referring to how Zhao Jue had him feed him chocolate etc.

S.C.I. Mystery Vol. 1, Ch. 62

T/L note: Oops, I left you on a cliffhanger. Apologies. Now I can say that I've seen the drama 5 times, though.

Also, my weekends atm are Sun/Mon. So if you check on Tuesday, you'll have the highest chance of catching the new chapters.

Magic Murderer 17: Hatred

Bai Chi saw the knife shining with a cold, sharp light string at his neck and could not avoid it~~ The back of his neck was cleverly grasped such that it was difficult to escape~~

His eyes widened in bewilderment, and he suddenly saw a hand wrapped in gauze break into his field of vision—blood burst out~~

The knife plunged directly into the arm, and the owner of the hand struck an elbow at the person holding Bai Chi.

Accompanied by a smothered groan, Bai Chi felt the hand holding his neck loosen, and he turned around violently. He saw a person with a black hood... but before he could see the man's movements clearly, he was pulled aside.

Bai Chi eyes followed the bloody arm impaled with the knife upwards and saw that it was Zhao Zhen with an angry expression.

Bai Chi’s attacker took two steps back and turned and ran downstairs.

"Ah~~" Bai Chi woke up and was about to chase him, but Zhao Zhen grabbed his arm, "Why chase him?! Do you have a gun?!"

"Uh..." Bai Chi remembered that, as he was a clerical worker, he didn't wear a gun~~

"Forget it. Just be glad you’re alive." Zhao Zhen let go of Bai Chi, and reached out to pull the knife from his arm, examining it closely.

"You're bleeding~" Bai Chi was a little bit befuddled. What should he do? He was bleeding a lot~~~ Would he lose too much blood and die?!

As Bai Chi thought wildly, Zhao Zhen touched his hair with a smile, "Are you all right?"

He shook his head, "Ah!" Bai Chi remembered suddenly, "Quick! Call the doctor!" Then, he ran out, continuing to shout.

Soon, Zhao Zhen was informed by the doctor that his arms had been broken—he was going to have to have a cast!

When Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang rushed to the hospital, they saw Bai Chi in a panic at the door.

"What happened?" Zhan Zhao saw that Bai Chi was quite pale and touched his head worriedly.

Bai Chi explained what had occurred just earlier, and the other two both frowned after hearing it.

"Did you see who attacked you?" Bai Yutang asked.

"No." Bai Chi shook his head. "He was wearing a balaclava. But listening to his voice, he should be a man."

"Strange~~" Zhan Zhao walked a few steps and said to himself, "Why try to kill Bai Chi? Has nothing to do with this case..."

"The knife is here." Bai Chi said, pulling out a knife in an evidence bag. "He had gloves~~ there shouldn’t be any fingerprints."

Bai Yutang nodded and took the bag.

"By the way, Brother, why did you come? Did you have something to ask Zhao Zhen?" Bai Chi asked, a little puzzled.

"Oh... no." Zhan Zhao shook his head. "We have something else to do."

"You stay with Zhao Zhen for the time being," Bai Yutang said. "He also saved your life. Don't lose your temper like a child and take good care of him."

Bai Chi lowered his head, looked at his toes, pouted, hesitated for a long time, and said, "En~~"

After the exchange, Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang left. Not long after, Zhang Long rushed over.

"Xiao Bai Chi, I heard that someone attacked you?"

"Brother Zhang, why are you here?" Bai Chi looked at him in surprise.

"Oh, the captain asked me to protect you 24 hours a day." Zhang Long patted Bai Chi's shoulder. "Relax, I'm responsible for your safety!!!"

"No, were you already in the hospital. How could you be so fast~~" Bai Chi was confused.

"Yes." Zhang Long nodded. "I was here to replace Wang Chao. Li Xu is in this hospital. We are responsible for protecting her. Zhao Hu is also there, but he’s looking after Qi Le and Chen Yu. Chen Yu’s already awake. And Ma Han is here, but he’s wounded."

"Ma Han is injured?" Bai Chi was taken aback, "Are you sure?!"

"It's fine, it’s fine!" Zhao Long waved his hand and leaned forward, whispering, "A beauty is with him. This despicable fellow has such luck with women!!!"


Outside the hospital, in an inconspicuous jeep (1), Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang were staring at the enterance.

"Kitty, will she really act?" Bai Yutang asked, holding the steering wheel.

"I should think so~~" Zhan Zhao winked a little playfully, "This is her last step, and then it will be

"Ah~~" Bai Yutang lay down on the steering wheel, "Hurry up, it will be Christmas Eve the day after tomorrow~~"

"You’re talking nonsense again!" Zhan Zhao glared at him, "I knew you were thinking about rubbish!"

"That's right." Bai Yutang took out a disk and said, "Let's take a look at this sometime together."

"What is it?" Zhan Zhao took the disk and looked at it curiously. It had no label on it~~

"Big and small Ding lent it to me and said that it was from when they were secretly photographing Big Brother and… Gongsun” The last word had barely passed his lips~~

With a snap, the disc was folded in half by the Zhan Zhao’s uncontrollable anger.

"Ah~~" Bai Yutang was shocked, "Kitty, this is the last edition. There’s just one, and it hasn't been copied yet~~"

Zhan Zhao pointed at Bai Yutang’s nose with a broken half of the disc, “White Mouse, I’m telling you, you are not allowed to fool around with twins anymore. You’ll wallow in the mire with them (2)!”

Bai Yutang regretfully turned the disk around in his trembling hands, "I don't know if it’ll still be useable if I stick it together~~"

"You aren't listening to me at all!" Zhan Zhao stretched out his paws and grabbed Bai Yutang's collar. "You Crazy Mouse, you are not allowed to think about those things..."

The two troublemakers suddenly stopped at the same time, staring at the figure quickly coming out of the entrance—She had come! Seeing her get in a taxi, Bai Yutang quickly started the car and followed.

"Kitty, where do you think she’s going?" Bai Yutang asked Zhan Zhao as he followed the taxi without any hassle.

"To look for her last enemy~~" Zhan Zhao sighed and shook his head. "The last step of the plan."

"This is the next thread. With this, the unsolved case of from year will also be settled." Bai Yutang smiled. "After a bit, we will know the entire truth!"

The taxi stopped in front of the Shen Group’s parking lot. The person got out of the car, looked around, and entered the parking lot.

Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao also stopped their car across the road. After making a phone call, the two followed her and entered the parking lot.

It was early in the morning, so the parking lot was empty. Only a white BMW was parked in the center, and a person was leaning in front of the door, smoking—Shen Qian.

Seeing the person approaching, Shen Qian smiled and flicked away the cigarette in his hand. He looked up, "You are here, Li Xu~~"

"En." Although the light was not very bright, the person was still clearly recognizable. It was Li Xu who had entered the parking lot.

Bai Yutang and Zhan Zhao were behind a corner of the wall, watching the two people in the middle of the parking lot from the distance. There was a chill in their hearts. Not for any reason other than the sadness of human nature~~

At that moment, the two people looked different. Shen Qian had lost the madness and fury that he had radiated earlier that day. One of his hands was wrapped in thick gauze, but his face was still bright. He did not look like a person whose beloved sister had just died.

Li Xu was still in that simple denim outfit. Though her face still didn’t look very well, it didn't have the kind of confusion it had in the hospital~~

"Now we are the only two people who knew what occurred!" Shen Qian smiled, "And Kong Cheng has also been arrested. There should be no problem. Why do you say that the murderer will kill someone else?

"That’s right~~" Li Xu said with a blank expression: "Zhenzhen and Shen Ling were killed by Kong Cheng, but Qingyao and Tong Ming were not."

"What?" Shen Qian was startled, "Qingyao and Tong Ming are also dead?"

In the distance, Zhan Zhao and Bai Yutang glanced at each other, and said, "No wonder people told us they couldn't find An Qingyao or Tong Ming at all. They are dead~~"

Li Xu nodded, "Next, it will be you~~"

"Oh~~" Shen Qian sneered, "Why are you definitely sure it’s me? You also participated in the things of that year~~ Maybe the next one is you."

"No." Li Xu shook her head. "Because Li Xu is dead. Now the only one left is you~~ "

.................. "What?" Shen Qian straightened up and looked at Li Xu puzzledly. "Are you having a nervous breakdown? What do you mean Li Xu is already..." Suddenly realizing, Shen Qian looked at Li Xu in horror, "You... are you not Li Xu?"

"Hehe~~~" Li Xu's smile was full of sarcasm, "I'm not Li Xu~~I'm Xu Jiaqing."

"Xu...Xu Jiaqing~~" Shen Qian was so stunned that he couldn’t react.

"Xu Jiali was my sister~~~" said, Xu Jiaqing stretched out her hand to wipe her face with the back of her hand. The makeup was wiped off, and her original face was much cleaner and younger...

Bai Yutang gave Zhan Zhao a meaningful look—women are really terrible animals!

"Hehe~~" Shen Qian quickly recovered to a calm state. "You want to kill me? Stop dreaming!" As he spoke, he drew his gun and aimed it at Xu Jiaqing, "The dead person will be you!"

"It's okay~" Xu Jiaqing wasn't in a hurry, "It doesn't matter whether you die or not. In the end, you can't escape."

"What do you mean?" Shen Qian puzzled.

"At that time, a group of you took drugs in the locker room of the dance school and were discovered by my sister. If she went to tell the police, you would most likely be expelled. So, since you wanted more drugs, you killed her together and faked it as one of the most sensational magic murders... By the way, you were not a student, but the drugs were provided by you. Your sin is greater!"

"How did you know?" Shen Qian frowned, staring at Xu Jiaqing.

Xu Jiaqing took out her gloves and put them on. She said slowly, "Tong Ming has always felt guilty. He used to go to my sister's grave. It was such a coincidence that I was behind the tombstone. He didn't see me. He also told the truth. He confessed for all of you and begged her for forgiveness..."

"That waste!" Shen Qian said angrily.

"Yes, he was waste!" Xu Jiaqing nodded, "So he should die; An Qingyao and Li Xu are stupid and should die; Kong Liping is insatiably greedy, Zhenzhen is really a coward, and they should all die~~ You are scum, so you should also die." She said, taking a watermelon knife from her jeans.

"You, don't mess around. Do you think the knife can be faster than my gun?!" Shen Qian raised his gun and shouted.

"If you shoot, the police will be drawn over~~ I am now an important witness, and the police will be following me at any time~~" Li Xu looked at the sharp blade of the knife and said to herself, "I have written everything down from that year and placed it under the pillows in my hospital ward. If they found out that I was gone, they would definitely find the letter—the Shen Group president murdered someone~~ He sold drugs, started his business with them, and killed a child to cover up his crimes. Even his own sister died for it. It’s wonderful, and the end of the catastrophe may be more suitable for you than death!"

At this moment, there was a cacophony of siren sounds from outside, and Xu Jiaqing laughed, stunned. "They’re really fast!"

"Crazy~ You’re crazy!" Shen Qian quickly opened the door, got into his car, and started it.

"Not good!" Zhan Zhao said anxiously.

Seeing that Shen Qian had started the car to speed towards the exit, Xu Jiaqing stepped forward to block it. Shen Qian shouted, "Give me a break!" As he spoke, he rushed straight towards Xu Jiaqing.

Xu Jiaqing opened her arms with a smile on her face, and said to himself: "For hatred, we must use hatred to solve it~~"

Zhan Zhao was a little shocked to hear this... then heard a gunshot in his ear...

The bullets shot by Bai Yutang hit the front tires of Shen Qian’s car. The car lost its control at high speed and flew to the side. After turning over several times in the air, it fell to the ground.

A large number of policemen rushed in from outside the parking lot. Xu Jiaqing laughed at the sky and was handcuffed obediently. Shen Qian was dragged out of the car, seriously injured.

Bai Yutang commanded all the people present to deal with the aftermath, then turned around and saw Zhan Zhao standing blankly.

"Kitty..." Bai Yutang reached out and patted his shoulder. "Don't think about it."

Zhan Zhao raised his head and smiled at Bai Yutang, "Why... are you thinking it too?"

Silently, Bai Yutang nodded: "'For hated, we must use hatred to solve it' ~ It’s very much like that person's style~~ On sentence can make people perform magic—maybe this is the so-called game."

"Did you know that in the Middle Ages, there was an activity in Britain called 'cage hunting'?" Zhan Zhao turned his attention to the busy policemen in the distance and slowly said, "People put animals inside a cage: rabbits, wolves, monkeys, bears, and death row prisoners... They let them fight each other and see what survived in the end to determine the ranks of creatures—the conclusion was that no matter what the opponent was, humans will always stand at the top~~ Because they are more cruel than any animal."

Bai Yutang listened to Zhan Zhao's words quietly, then reached out and pulled him over. He leaned him against his chest, stroked his hair, and whispered, "Kitty, don't be so clear-headed, so easily emotional... Don't be so sad. I like it when you laugh."

Zhan Zhao said nothing, and simply rested his head on the man's shoulder, letting him softly comfort him, as if his voice could break through all darkness and bring light.

Translation notes

(1) I would like to remind you all that they tailed her in Bai Yutang’s flashy sports car in the drama. An inconspicuous jeep is a much smarter choice haha. I'm glad they are actually smarter than that.

(2) Idiom meaning he’ll follow the twin’s bad example.